A blue and brown dragonfly is resting on a branch that has cobwebs on it. Its wings look a little the worse for wear, like the cobwebs.
Dragonfly, Miner’s Marsh

This photo was taken a few years ago in Miner’s Marsh in Kentville reserve, one warm August noon. I hadn’t even seen this beautiful creature as I was busy photographing the sandpiper featured in the post from the other day until Steven pointed it out, so thanks to him for this summer memory on this snowy day today. Wherever these are now, we’ll see them again soon.

He’s featured in my Animals Gallery.

Northern Crescent Butterfly

Pearl Crescent Butterfly, Phyciodes tharos - Ellie Kennard 2016
Northern Crescent Butterfly, Phyciodes cocyta – Ellie Kennard 2016

Phyciodes cocyta

This is a common butterfly around here in the summer, but I was really pleased to get this photo of it as it rested on the path. The patterns on its wings are finely drawn and the tips of its antennae are tiny orange balls (hard to see in this photo, to be fair). Rupert (our Cornish Rex cat) tried to catch it and almost succeeded (which is what drew it to my attention) but I managed to save it and put it safely out of his reach (he is on a long leash) so it could get over the shock and fly away. Have a lovely week everyone, full of lovely butterflies!


Living Things : Obviously Lying in Wait

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Week 15/26: #BWProject26

This spider is not one to take on a bee, unlike the one I posted yesterday, but was sitting in a very fine, almost invisible web above the wet giant hosta leaf. It seems to be hovering in mid air and is so visible I can't imagine how any prey would be surprised by it. Unlike yesterday's gruesome scene which needed colour to be properly appreciated, this one is perfect for converting to black and white for the theme.

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