A blue and brown dragonfly is resting on a branch that has cobwebs on it. Its wings look a little the worse for wear, like the cobwebs.
Dragonfly, Miner’s Marsh

This photo was taken a few years ago in Miner’s Marsh in Kentville reserve, one warm August noon. I hadn’t even seen this beautiful creature as I was busy photographing the sandpiper featured in the post from the other day until Steven pointed it out, so thanks to him for this summer memory on this snowy day today. Wherever these are now, we’ll see them again soon.

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Solitary Sandpiper

A medium size bird with a long slim beak is wading in water at the edge of some mud. There are broken off stems of thick reeds sticking out in the water around the frame. The bird is in the left of the frame, looking towards the right.
Sandpiper – Miner’s Marsh , Kentville, Nova Scotia

This sandpiper was enjoying the summer mud at Miner’s Marsh in Kentville and apparently finding lots of eat. This was taken a few years ago in my early years of photography, so I was really pleased to catch it so well. I can’t wait until we can have a bit of summer, to be able to see the ground, mud or grass! Meanwhile, we can enjoy memories from past photos like this.

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Snowed In

A bird with very fluffed up feathers is sitting on a snow covered branch looking directly at the camera. It has yellow eyes.
Snowed In

Winter’s coming and it’s getting colder for us and for all the wildlife around, including birds like this one. Here’s a challenge for all birders: what do we think this is? At first I thought ‘owl’ but on looking at it more closely I don’t think it is. I asked a local birder by email, with no response, but there were a few suggestions as to possibilities. This was taken through my living room window a few winters ago. The answer as to the identity is given below the next section if you want to see if you guessed correctly.

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It is a Red Tailed Hawk, fluffed up from the cold. It was difficult to be sure, as mostly these birds migrate south for the winter. In Nova Scotia, however, they stay year round. If you guessed that, then well done!!

Brown Eyed Susan Visitor

A flower with mostly yellow petals radiating out from a brown cone centre has an orange, black and white striped bee on its centre. The petals look as if the brown centre has leaked onto the yellow, staining them brown for a little up towards the tip.

Have a great day, friends! This brings me memories of my Flower A Day project, combining two of my favourite subjects – wildflowers and insects, particularly pollinators. This beautiful splash of yellow petals, stained with rich brown attracted me as much as the bee feeding on it. These flowers appeared one year in a field, never to reappear, so I was so glad to have captured a special time.