Pileated Woodpecker

Pileated Woodpecker
Pileated Woodpecker

Some birds are more ungainly than beautiful, like this pileated woodpecker who is certainly striking (literally and metaphorically). It was demolishing my bird pie the other day, when normally it will be destroying the trunks of half dead trees, looking for insects and other delicious edibles. Below you see one doing just that. Their beaks may be designed to be bashed into trees, but the tip of the beak on this bird looks as if it is rather the worse for wear compared to the one below. I wonder what caused the damage.

Pileated Woodpecker
Pileated Woodpecker

And here you can see the results of steady assault by these voracious birds.

Pileated tree
Pileated tree

Winter Sunrise

January Sunrise
January sunrise

Sometimes the light in the winter in Nova Scotia has a special quality to it. This no doubt has to do with the contrasts of snow, blue sky, dark branches, the moisture in the air and the position of the sun. Whatever the reason for it, at those particular times you are happy if you are able to catch it in a photograph as it is fleeting. This was taken at 8:30 in the morning, facing Northwest, with the sun coming up behind me on my right. I took another photo here fewer than 30 seconds after this one and that unique quality had gone. This old maple is, as regular readers will know, my favourite tree in the garden, which always seems to star in so many of my home landscapes. For those reading the other post being published today (link here), the lilies in that post are just to the left of this tree, behind and up on that little bank that you see.

You can see the photo in full size on my landscape gallery here.

Snow January 2021

Across the bridge
Across the bridge

Sometimes the snow falls straight down and sticks. It sticks to everything and what it clings to just hangs there, with no wind to knock it to the ground. This snowfall was just like that. Still, peaceful and quiet. The bushes to either side of this little footbridge near our house hung so low with the weight of it that I had to almost crawl underneath. I really didn’t want to disturb the scene, it had such a peaceful feel about it. Walks like this are so rare. I wanted to share part of this one.

Outside the window
Outside the window

Early the next morning the snow was still clinging to all of the branches. This snow-covered lilac bush outside my window had such lovely clean lines of white and brown. By the afternoon it had fallen off.

Winter Fog

Winter Snow Fog
Winter snow in the fog

The other day, rain brought fog over the snow and it reminded me of these photographs taken early last year. I know I seem to dislike the winter’s lack of flowers, but the snow and even the cold brings a different beauty to the landscape. The fog gives a dreamy quality to the snowy landscape that I really love, though we seldome see it. This is one of my favourite trees in our garden, so old and almost completely rotten, so not likely to be here for much longer, but the branches are so beautiful against the Northern sky. And those footsteps…. whose are they?

The photograph below was taken at the same time, of much younger trees in the field facing East, just starting off their lives in our often harsh climate. This part of the sky looks completely different! I hope you enjoy this bonus post in the midst of our pandemic and Flower a Day regular postings. Just for a change.

Snowy foggy field
Snowy foggy field

Autumn Leaves and Rainbow

It’s a beautiful year for fall foliage here and the other evening I saw this wonderful display of the full rainbow over the trees at the bottom of our field. I couldn’t get the whole rainbow in but it’s all here!

Farewell to the Plus

Medford, Nova Scotia sunset - Ellie Kennard 2019
Medford, Nova Scotia sunset – Ellie Kennard 2019

It’s the end of an era for the best social network that ever happened. For those who didn’t ‘get’ Google+, this post will be meaningless. Just enjoy the sunset photo.

For those of us who loved the interactions we had on there, who learned so much, who shared so much knowledge around the world, so freely and with such passion, I don’t need to say anything. You already know (and have probably read other eulogies) what we have lost. We lost it a while ago, to be honest, when they began what we didn’t know was the disintegration of what made the network so great. So today is finally when ‘the fat lady sings’.

The end of G+. #googleplussunsetting #gplussunsetting

Room with a view

Workshop Window - antler, agate and violin mould - Ellie Kennard 2012
Workshop Window – antler, agate and violin mould – Ellie Kennard 2012

Since this photo and post were made 7 years ago, so much has changed in this scene inside and outside Steven’s workshop. One major change is that I no longer go to the studio daily, having (mostly) retired. The trees in the field are much larger, the windows have been replaced and the windowsill no longer has this fascinating display. The antler, agate and violin mould are still in the workshop… somewhere. But searching for a post from the past to fit a theme, this came up so I thought it was a perfect one for Saturday nostalgia.

Original Post: February 28, 2012 – 59/366 – Workshop Window and Tools of A Trade – Antler, Agate and Violin Mould

Snow is falling again today and as I walked through Steven’s workshop on my way to the studio I thought this window looked interesting. The brave little tree in the snowy field, the deer antler at a rakish angle, those agate filled rocks and the violin former hanging in the corner seemed artistically arranged. Even the remnants of plastic sheet hanging on the window seemed to say so much about the struggle with the elements and the struggles of an artist to create and to survive.

Steven will use the antler in his turning work, in case you were wondering, and the stones with agate deposits were picked out of their nearby field and given to us by some children the year we moved to Canada. Agate is the stone of Nova Scotia.

Driftwood, Huntington Point Beach Sunset

Driftwood on Huntington Point Beach, Summer Sunset - Ellie Kennard 2012
Driftwood on Huntington Point Beach, Summer Sunset – Ellie Kennard 2012

With the coming demise of Google Plus, a platform where I cut my teeth as a photographer and met many wonderful creative people, many of us have moved to other platforms, including MeWe. This ( is where I can be found there, for any who want to join me there. I am no longer as active as I was on any social network as my life is much busier than in the days when I was so sick. But I will be sharing my posts there, as I find the platform to be not too bad a replacement for G+. Google invented the expression “Sunsetting” for what they will be doing to that platform on April 2. On that day I will share another sunset photo here and everywhere I am active, in recognition of the end of a great social network. Here is one I shared originally as part of my 366 Project back in 2012.

Original Post: July 26, 2012 – 207/366 – Driftwood, Huntington Point Beach, at Sunset

We were out at this beach at Huntington Point in Nova Scotia last night and there was another quite spectacular sunset. Although the scene might be a bit of a cliché, the driftwood, the stony Bay of Fundy beach and the low shore on the horizon is a very Canadian scene and I am glad to have a record of it for my project.