About the Prints


My prints are offered on a choice of high quality lustre or glossy photo paper. They are available in a selection of sizes and the most appropriate ones for the proportion of the printed area are shown. I choose the crop of my images with great care to make them look their best. There will be a white (unprinted) border on all prints, to allow for the matting and framing of the photograph.

The white area of the photograph is included in the size of the print you order. So if you order a print sized 11″x14″ the total size of the paper will be 11″x14″ and the printed area will be smaller, leaving a border of at least 1″ and frequently a little more on the top and/or bottom, depending on the dimensions of the actual image. The name of the print and my own name as photographer will be printed within this white border area at the bottom. You can see one example of how this might look, below.

Sample of 16″x20″ print including border. There will also be a signature and title in the unprinted border.