Congratulations to Ben on a Second Oscar

Snow is slanting down on two young men staning in light jackets and shoes, not boots, with a film camera on a tripod in front of them. One is filming and the other is smiling and watching. There is a snowy field behind them and woods in the distance, with a couple of trees just behind them.
Ben and David filming for the Steven Kennard short documentary “Turns” in Nova Scotia, 2015

In 2015 we had a couple of inspired young filmmakers from California visit us to make a wonderful short documentary about Steven. (You can view that video here: https://vimeo.com/519088816) They were lovely guys and so much fun during the days they spent with us. It’s so marvellous to hear that Ben, along with co-director Kris Bowers have won the Oscar for this great short film.

Read about the film and the directors on this site, specially the story of Kris at the bottom: https://breakwaterstudios.com/the-last-repair-shop/

You can watch the award winning film here if you haven’t seen it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xttrkgKXtZ4 (40 minutes). It is incredibly moving.

More photos of their visit:

Two men are looking through a film camera viewfinder to the left.
Ben Proudfoot and David Bolen filming in Nova Scotia, 2015
It is a snowy scene, snow slanting down, with two young men staning in light jackets and shoes, not boots, with a film camera on a tripod in front of them. They are laughing together and their hands are blurred as they demonstrate the footage they plan to take. There is a snowy field behind them and woods in the distance, with a couple of trees just behind them.
Ben and David enjoying the snow, obviously!
A black and white photo of 3 men in a woodwork shop, with film camera and other equipment. Two of the men are discussing something, one has his finger to his face in thought. The one in the back is listening to the conversation.
Discussing how to make the film title shot.


A panoramic landscape with the lowest quarter in a deep shadow, field and some trees. The rest is sky with a brilliant orange and cream sunset in a blue background. The very top is a blue.
Red Sky at Night, Sailor’s Delight

With so much uncertainty in the world today, we have to hold on to promises that we’re sure of.

This sunset is one reason to always take my camera when I go for a walk. Because you know that if you don’t, something will be there for you to photograph with something better than a phone. This particular time it was with me. I confess it’s too cold to hold it at the moment and too clumsy with heavy gloves, but it won’t be long until the warmth will start again, and that’s a promise.

My Landscapes are all in this gallery.


A blue and brown dragonfly is resting on a branch that has cobwebs on it. Its wings look a little the worse for wear, like the cobwebs.
Dragonfly, Miner’s Marsh

This photo was taken a few years ago in Miner’s Marsh in Kentville reserve, one warm August noon. I hadn’t even seen this beautiful creature as I was busy photographing the sandpiper featured in the post from the other day until Steven pointed it out, so thanks to him for this summer memory on this snowy day today. Wherever these are now, we’ll see them again soon.

He’s featured in my Animals Gallery.

Least Sandpipers, Kingsport Beach, NS

4 birds with short necks and long beaks are on a sandy and stony beach. They have white buff breasts and black and brown and white wings and heads.
Sandpipers on a beach

For bird lovers, here is a blast from the past remembering warm sunny days in August on the beach at Kingsport, Nova Scotia, watching the shorebirds going about their business.

We love walking on the beach, watching many small flocks of these little shorebirds forage for food or swooping and dipping over the water. When in the air they keep a tight formation, wheeling and banking so that at times the flash of the underside of their wings makes them invisible against the water behind them. They are approachable, not being frightened particularly, except when the ball or dog lands in their midst.

This was the photograph I got in August 2014. I owe it, in part, to my friend, Linda who walked with me and Joni (and waded with us through the incoming tide that caught us unawares) as, when I hesitated as to whether to bring my camera or not, she said “you always take your camera everywhere”, so I did. And I had chosen the right lens, for once.

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