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Hydrangea Serrata “Bluebird”

This was one of those times when I was so happy to have had my camera with me! We had stopped in to a hardware store and I decided to wander around outside at first. It was terribly windy, very overcast and I didn’t hold out much hope that I would find anything of interest. There seemed to be just a line of green leafy bushes against the bricks. Then I saw these, nestled against the building and almost hidden among the leaves. The plant is a hydrangea Serrata “Bluebird”. The flowers were so light and airy and seemed to be flying around in the breeze. I hope they make you as happy today as I was to see them. Have a lovely Saturday or whatever day you see this on. I send my love out to all my friends with this Bluebird!

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Pink Radish Flowers and Friday Bonus

Pink Radish Flowers
Pink Radish Flowers

Today’s happiness flower is a spray of pink radish blooms which makes me think of a Japanese painting for some reason. Their airy delicacy really appeals to me and I hope it gives a little lift today to any who feel in need of a bit of bright pink along slender green stems.

And today there is a bonus image as it is Friday and I feel like treating everyone to a photograph I took early on in my project. I have not gone far for this one, as it also is in the vegetable garden.

Dill flower
Dill flower

I have planted dill wherever it would be a good companion plant and this spray is just beside the tomatoes. I wish everyone a lovely day or evening!

The Flower a Day Gallery with current content is below. Each day a new photo (in this case 2 new photos) will be added. There are now 6 to view. Click or tap to view full size.

Grass-leaved Goldenrod

Grass leaved goldenrod
Grass leaved goldenrod

Good day everyone! Today’s flower to help cheer your morning (or evening) is a wild one, a member of the Aster family. At first glance it doesn’t seem to be very interesting, but when you look closely it has an intricate tiny beauty in each little flower. It is known as Grass leaved Goldenrod or Goldentops, grows around us profusely and its nectar is a favourite of monarch butterflies. I love the tiny golden florettes that sit above those spiky leaves. This was photographed along the edge of the path that runs beside a wood next to us. The Flower a Day Gallery as it is up to now is below. Each day a new photo will be added.

Rose of Sharon

Rose of Sharon
Rose of Sharon

Today’s flower to bring a smile is a Rose of Sharon I found in a store. I was so glad that I had my camera with me as these blooms were so beautiful nestled in the dark leaves with their soft blue colour. They seemed almost out of place in that bustling masked distanced environment. I wish now that I had bought the plant, but maybe another time. Have a lovely day or evening wherever you are in the world.

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Now where was I?

Before we were so rudely interrupted…

Marigolds in our vegetable garden

Where was I and where were we? In a different world, it seems. So much has changed in the past year, for us personally and for us collectively around the world. My last post seemed to say that flowers can bring the sun back into our lives and strangely, that theme continues after all this time with this post and the ones to follow.

Like many of us, I know, Steven and I have had periods of feeling isolated (that’s what isolation does to people!) and also of feeling a little low in spirits. Back in July I decided to start a project in an attempt to cheer myself on a daily basis and perhaps bring some cheer to my friends and family who felt like we do.

Queen Anne's Lace by the woods
Queen Anne’s Lace by the woods

I decided to take my camera out and dust it off and find flowers in the immediate environment of my home, in the woods and fields beside us and on the roadsides outside our house. Some would be ones I had planted or were in our garden, most would be wild, grasses, usually known as weeds. I also (mostly) limited myself to using my vintage Helios 44-2 lens, which requires the discipline of setting the camera to manual adjustments. I have taken too many photographs on my phone over the past year. I needed to get back to the challenge and pleasures of using my camera to capture the beauty in my home environment. I was hoping this would lift my spirits and I have found that it has. Here I begin sharing these with my website viewers on a daily basis. I hope each day you will enjoy seeing a new flower.

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And then the sun broke through

And then the sun broke through - Ellie Kennard 2019
And then the sun broke through – Ellie Kennard 2019

When the sun breaks through after a dark time, flowers are the best filter. Such beauty, found on the roadside, wrapped around a pole. So mundane but such pristine perfection with the light shining through. A reminder of what it is to be happy. And what could be more cheering?

Have a lovely week everyone!

A real post (not virtual)

Promising beginnings

Whatever does that mean? A real post (not a virtual one) – for a change! It means that I am constantly writing posts in my head and I even go so far as to take the photographs to go with them. But it seems to be a virtual impossibility (see what I just did there??) for me to get to the point where I put my thoughts onto the virtual paper on my screen to make the post. So here, at last, is one that made its way from my head (and phone photos) to the screen and finally to your browser (or email inbox). So it’s real at last!

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N’Ice Cream – Guilt Free Dessert!

Now for something completely different!

Several people have asked me for my recipe for this favourite dessert of ours, so I have decided to make a post of it here. I know that this looks like a fattening, rich dessert but it is absolutely not! It is just fruit (bananas) with a tiny bit of peanut butter and some natural cocoa powder. Everything is good for you, there are no animal products in it, so it’s safe for the lactose intolerant and it is absolutely delicious. And most important is that it is easy to make at home. There are more flavours below the description, so have fun with this one – maybe you can come up with another tasty combination for this n’icecream!

Feel free to ask any questions you might have in the comments and I will do my best to answer them. Let me know if you try this out and which are your favourite flavours!

Don’t let the fact that it’s good for you put you off trying this out! (No ice cream maker needed.)

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