Least Sandpipers, Kingsport Beach, NS

4 birds with short necks and long beaks are on a sandy and stony beach. They have white buff breasts and black and brown and white wings and heads.
Sandpipers on a beach

For bird lovers, here is a blast from the past remembering warm sunny days in August on the beach at Kingsport, Nova Scotia, watching the shorebirds going about their business.

We love walking on the beach, watching many small flocks of these little shorebirds forage for food or swooping and dipping over the water. When in the air they keep a tight formation, wheeling and banking so that at times the flash of the underside of their wings makes them invisible against the water behind them. They are approachable, not being frightened particularly, except when the ball or dog lands in their midst.

This was the photograph I got in August 2014. I owe it, in part, to my friend, Linda who walked with me and Joni (and waded with us through the incoming tide that caught us unawares) as, when I hesitated as to whether to bring my camera or not, she said “you always take your camera everywhere”, so I did. And I had chosen the right lens, for once.

My animals gallery, including this image, is here.

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  1. We'll do it again, +Linda Jess ! And maybe get wet feet again. And I agree about it being refreshing.

    Thank you so much, +Ursula Klepper – I'm glad you like it.

    +Photo Mania Canada thank you so much for sharing my image and for your comment. I very much appreciate it. Also thanks for including me in the shared circle. +Giselle Savoie and +Mark HELM 

    +HQSP Birds and +Andy Brown – I used to live in Suffolk myself and had an oiled bird rescue station there. Thanks for your nice comment.

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