Week 24/26: Around the House

Sometimes other people's houses have more interesting things around them than you can find in your own. This collection of random items was on the front porch of a house not far from us. I loved how everything seemed to have been carefully placed to show each piece off to best advantage. My untrained eye couldn't detect any relationship between any of the pieces. I could only imagine that everything on that table had meaning to the people who had put it there. Closer inspection revealed all kinds of unexpected little surprises. The new G+ does not permit (so far) zooming in but if you can, enlarging the image will reveal some of the stranger additions. There are no children in this house, just in case you wondered.
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Not so Many or so You Think


Week 23/26: Stacks

This small stack of CDs for the theme for our BW Project reminds me of a trip we made to Canada many years ago, before we moved here. We lived in France at the time, in an area where CDs were not easy to find, sadly, as music is a very big part of our lives. We had an eclectic taste in music and missed having access to a wide range of genres. They were also very expensive to buy, so our purchases were few and far between.

By contrast, Canadian music stores had a huge and varied inventory and we spent hours wandering around them making exciting discoveries. They were also cheap and doubly so for us as the dollar was low compared to the French franc. This meant that each trip to the stores saw us coming back to our room with a few more acquisitions to add to the pile.

We spent some time in several places and finally on the last leg of our journey I started to gather things together for the return flight. As I made my way around the room, I found a few stacks of CDs, then a few more, then a few more, under or behind or in boxes and bags or suitcases. I had not realized just how many CDs we had accumulated on that trip, but when I made the count finally, I realized that we had bought about 41 of them!

We still have them all, still in perfect condition and still treasured, along with the hundreds more we have bought since. We still buy CDs, not digital downloads. These are beautiful musical memories. Have fun reading the titles and seeing which you know (and discover) in this small stack.
The full list of titles is:
Boz Scaggs: My Time
Boz Scaggs: Memphis
Boz Scaggs: But Beautiful
Boz Scaggs: A Fool to Care
Sade: Stronger Than Pride
Sade: Love Deluxe
Van Morrison: Poetic Champions Compose
Mark Knopfler: Tracker
The Rails: Fair Warning
Richard and Linda Thompson: The End of the Rainbow (an introduction)
Beppe Gambetta, Carlo Aonzo, David Grisman: Traversata (Italian music in America)
Craig DeMelo: The Whiskey Poet
The Great Piano Concertos – Grieg, Schumann
Judy Garland: Over the Rainbow

(to be continued)

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#BWProject26 | Curated by +Tisha Montgomery​​​​ +Brandon Luk​​​​ +Lauri Novak​​​​ +Al Chris​​​​

#everydaythings +EVERYDAY THINGS​​​​ curated by +luca lancieri​​​​ +Barbara Manciulli​​​​ +Nynke B​​​​ +Boba Musura​​​​

#allthingsmonochrome +All Things Monochrome​​​​ by +Charles Lupica​​​​, +Enrique Pelaez​​​​, +Brian Cox​​​​, +Dorian Stretton​​​​ and +Bill Wood​​​​

#monochromeworld +Monochrome World​​​​ by +andi rivarola​​​​


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Please Release Me, Let Me Go


The spider who had so lovingly crafted this web had not intended to catch indigestible prey of this size but it surely decorated the web nicely for a lovely fall day. Thanks to Steven who spotted it and called me out with my camera to catch it.

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#everydaythings +EVERYDAY THINGS curated by +luca lancieri +Barbara Manciulli +Nynke B +Boba Musura

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Sometimes the Worms Have the Best View

Sometimes the worms - Ellie Kennard 2015
Sometimes the worms – Ellie Kennard 2015

How often do we search for a striking foreground to a beautifully coloured sky, at sunset or sunrise? And how often are we in just the wrong place, with scrub land or ugly buildings the only thing we can feature in the photograph? Too often, at least for me. I had just these same thoughts when I saw this beautiful fading sunset, but then I saw these lovely wildflowers and grasses boldly silhouetted against the pink and blue hues and decided to get down low and make them the stars of my picture.

When we don’t have glorious mountain ranges, canyons or waterfalls near us, we can make the smaller, quieter glories around us into such wonders. We just have to get the right perspective to see their qualities and potential. Isn’t that the same with people?


Eilles Tee : The Pleasures of Everyday Things

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To introduce my new collection "Everyday Things" and in honour of the theme by the same name, I want to share this photograph of these everyday objects in my cupboard that are special to us. The story starts with a trip to Germany and a stay in a small hotel in Karlsruhe. The hotel is small, clean and comfortable, run by a friendly young couple who were always pleasant and more than helpful. They serve the most copious and delicious selection of food for their breakfasts, including a wide choice of speciality teas and excellent coffee.

After the first few days of our visit I began to appreciate more and more the little touches that made our stay one of comfort and pleasure. One of these was in the breakfast room where there were delicate glasses with handles and special filters so that we could make our own tea from the selection in the tins. On each table were small white porcelain holders into which you placed the filters when your tea was brewed to your own personal satisfaction. The colours of the various teas – from a deep rich brown through a golden amber to a pale almost colourless light liquid, each looked more delicious in those lovely clear glasses. We seemed to enjoy them even more because of these delicate glasses. It was such a civilized way to enjoy morning (or afternoon) tea. Each glass had "Eilles Tee" discretely etched on it.

We searched through the town to try to find some of these tea glasses, with no success, even in the Eilles store on the main street. We then looked online, but couldn't find them. Eventually we asked the managers who told us that they are normally reserved for hotel use only. When he saw our disappointment. this kind man offered to order some for us, so that on our next visit we could pick them up. He did exactly that and we brought them home. So now every day we remember the relaxed, comfort of that hotel and have the little touch of luxury in our own breakfast tea ritual. We, too, have a good selection of speciality teas, from green and china and smokey to herbal combinations and each one tastes better because it is served in these beautiful glasses. And they hold warm memories for us of our visits to that wonderful part of the Black Forest in Germany and the friends we made there.

The other day I looked at the glasses with their filters and porcelain holders in the cupboard . A foil bag holding tea leaves was reflecting the light in such an interesting way that I thought they should be caught and shared with everyone who likes 'Everyday" but special things.

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#everydaythings +EVERYDAY THINGS​ curated by +luca lancieri+Barbara Manciulli+Nynke B+Boba Musura


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