A Snowy Woodland Brook Journey


A winter walk along a snow covered path through the woods has a special quality of stillness. It's a quiet made of your own muffled, almost soundless footfalls and those of the creatures who made those tiny tracks. You sense that they are hiding with held breath just out of sight under the pillowed snow beside the frozen water in the stream. Your frozen breath hangs in the air, as if afraid to fall and shatter the peace. The lowering sun makes the shadows lengthen silently through the woods, across the brook between the trees.

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Not so Many or so You Think


Week 23/26: Stacks

This small stack of CDs for the theme for our BW Project reminds me of a trip we made to Canada many years ago, before we moved here. We lived in France at the time, in an area where CDs were not easy to find, sadly, as music is a very big part of our lives. We had an eclectic taste in music and missed having access to a wide range of genres. They were also very expensive to buy, so our purchases were few and far between.

By contrast, Canadian music stores had a huge and varied inventory and we spent hours wandering around them making exciting discoveries. They were also cheap and doubly so for us as the dollar was low compared to the French franc. This meant that each trip to the stores saw us coming back to our room with a few more acquisitions to add to the pile.

We spent some time in several places and finally on the last leg of our journey I started to gather things together for the return flight. As I made my way around the room, I found a few stacks of CDs, then a few more, then a few more, under or behind or in boxes and bags or suitcases. I had not realized just how many CDs we had accumulated on that trip, but when I made the count finally, I realized that we had bought about 41 of them!

We still have them all, still in perfect condition and still treasured, along with the hundreds more we have bought since. We still buy CDs, not digital downloads. These are beautiful musical memories. Have fun reading the titles and seeing which you know (and discover) in this small stack.
The full list of titles is:
Boz Scaggs: My Time
Boz Scaggs: Memphis
Boz Scaggs: But Beautiful
Boz Scaggs: A Fool to Care
Sade: Stronger Than Pride
Sade: Love Deluxe
Van Morrison: Poetic Champions Compose
Mark Knopfler: Tracker
The Rails: Fair Warning
Richard and Linda Thompson: The End of the Rainbow (an introduction)
Beppe Gambetta, Carlo Aonzo, David Grisman: Traversata (Italian music in America)
Craig DeMelo: The Whiskey Poet
The Great Piano Concertos – Grieg, Schumann
Judy Garland: Over the Rainbow

(to be continued)

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Decay : In Black and White


Week 21/26

Decay is everywhere around us and it should be so easy to get something that illustrates it, as this week's theme demands. I discovered that the trick lies not in finding something decaying, but in finding something that really shows that decay without the added dimension of colour. What makes this so challenging is that our eyes 'see' in colour and one of the most beautiful aspects of decay is the wonderful tones and shades in something in the last throes of life! So a dying bunch of blue hydrangeas, beautiful in pale blues, oranges and yellows all crinkled and crisp, looks wonderful. As soon as you convert the image to black and white you can barely even tell that the flowers are decaying at all. A wonderful old fungus on a tree is full of rich browns, yellows and creams and is fascinating to look at. But it is really dull in black and white.

At last, having photographed many different decaying things including the above mentioned, I end up posting the most obvious subject for the time of year and strangely enough, the first image I took in the project.

This leaf looks nothing at all as you see it normally. I wouldn't have given it a second glance had it not been for the delicate curve of the leaf end and the veins that stood out like the veins on the hands of an elderly man. In the end I discovered that what is drab and uninteresting in colour takes on a wonderful texture and beauty when stripped down to the grey values alone.

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Yuri Kobayashi and "Curio"


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In Album Miscellaneous

I saw Yuri at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Maine. She was intent on her work but didn't mind me taking this picture of her. You can see a piece of her work "Curio" and the detail of it, posted here. I loved the way she looked, her intensity and at the same time her obvious ease as she worked at the machine. I wanted to capture a portrait of the artist at work, but also to share the art she is creating.

This was taken while I wandered around the property as Steven was setting his things up for the course he is teaching.

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#allthingsmonochrome +All Things Monochrome by +Charles Lupica, +Enrique Pelaez, +Brian Cox, +Dorian Stretton and +Bill Wood

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This is Stuart. He can hear Sound


Week 18/26: Sound #BWProject26 .

We first met Stuart almost 18 years ago. He is a wood turner and he was standing smiling in his booth at a craft show. His wife stepped up at once and explained that Stuart was deaf, so she showed us his work as he looked on, smiling at us and doing his best to chat. Stuart had not been born deaf but had worked as a pile driver for many years and the vibration and loud sounds had gradually eroded his hearing. His wife explained to me that when deafness is caused by noise levels, a hearing aid is not good, because it increases the sound level, which then continues to cause even more hearing loss.

We saw Stuart a few times over the years and he always remained apparently accepting of his condition, smiling when we complimented him on his work and talking about it animatedly. I since found out that he had to put up a fight to get his hearing loss accepted as being work related so that he could receive a disability pension, but he never let on to us about his discouragements or concerns, continuing to turn and produce the things he loved to make.

A few years ago, Stuart had a cochlear implant and, he was able to hear for the first time in years. It was at first a bit strange to be able to speak to him in a more or less normal voice and have him respond, but everyone was so happy for him that this treatment had helped him to hear again. At last we were able to really get to know him properly.

We were all at the annual Nova Woodturners Guild BBQ the other day, when I saw Stuart sitting there listening to the conversation with a little smile on his face in response to what was being said. Those of us with no experience of such impairment can have no idea of the pleasure he must get when he can sit and listen to a conversation going on around him again.

So Stuart is my model for 'Sound', the theme for this project this week.

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Cuckoo's Nest


(One Flew Over the)
Week 6/26: Inspired by TV/Film

I have had a long time mystery solved by getting a photograph for this theme. Over the past few years, in the summer I have been hearing a sound a bit like water gurgling down a drain, coming from one of the large trees in front of our house. I even tried to record it so I could get someone to identify what was making the noise. I never was able to spot the bird or work out what it might be.

The other day while walking through the fields, over the snow which is now about 3 or 4 feet above the ground, I spotted this nest wedged neatly in the fork of this tree. I was photographing it as it looked so intricate, finely woven and yet somehow sturdy, and the film title "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" came to mind. The film had nothing to do with birds, of course. That didn't stop me from making that association and so when I came home and was working with it, I wondered if they even have cuckoos here. I got out my trusty iBird app ( +Fraser Brooks​ AKA Bigfoot) and searched for Cuckoos in my area and, sure enough, the black billed cuckoo is indeed found in Nova Scotia. I played the sound on the app and there it was ! The water gurgling down the drain sound! It was nothing like the cuckoo calls I knew from Europe, which is why I had not made the connection.

For those who don't know, cuckoos do not make their own nests, they lay their eggs in the nests of more industrious birds who then, all unaware of the invasion, raise the hatched cuckoo in with their own young. If the host bird is small the growing cuckoo will gradually push out all of the legitimate young from the nest and grow to its comparatively monster size at their expense, exhausting the confused parents while it does so. So every nest is a potential cuckoo's nest.

I went back a day later (after another snowfall and bout of windy weather) and the nest was gone. Just a bit of the bottom was left firmly attached to the base. Hopefully that will serve as a base to build a new one for the season soon to come. And maybe a cuckoo will lay an egg in it. It will be too high for me to be able to see it so well and hopefully to keep it safe from ground predators.

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Abstract: Hang Gliding Over the (mini) Alps


Week 5/26

The natural artistic forces are expert at creating beauty. It can be terribly cold, with a biting wind, snow like shifting sand underfoot, and deep soft gullies that suddenly engulf you. And then you see the sculptures emerging, textured carvings being revealed. And it doesn't feel so cold. You know you are the only person in the world that will ever see this. Except that now you get to see it too.

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Tendrils Reaching Out in a Soft and Gentle Embrace-117/365

This was unexpected, not what I was planning to photograph at all. I had a lovely group of three of these, was getting into just the right position to photograph them when out of the blue (literally) two white paws landed right on one of them and the third was broken on the grass. And my grouping was now two. It no longer worked at all. Then I saw this lonely bloom and this was it.

Is this for the 365 project? I don't know any more. I take what I can and post when I can. So for the moment I keep the tag and the numbers. But they might go, so if they do, don't be surprised, but keep following if you like. And forget the numbers (in the (almost) words of my friend +Ursula Klepper).
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Bear With Me as This is Not a Bumblebee (114/365)

Are you confused? Of course it's not a bumblebee, I would not try to deceive you. But it should have been a bumblebee. At least it should have been a photograph of a fat yellow bumblebee on a beautiful blue periwinkle flower. I spent long enough hovering over the flowers and aiming my camera at those busy bees to have come up with lots of photos, not just one for the project. But I couldn't get one of them to be still enough (and on top of the flower or at least out from under the leaves) long enough to click the shutter.  So I have no photograph of a bumblebee. Can I ask you to imagine that lovely image? Thank you for humouring me.

Now, can you guess what it is?

I do have a dog who stays focused on a Frisbee in Steven's hand, waiting for it to be thrown, so no prizes for guessing that I do have a picture of that. Sorry about the lack of bumblebee.  Enjoy yet another this picture of Joni! It looked better in monochrome than in colour, this time. She is, after all, black and white!

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