Fall Into a Blaze of Colour

Fall Into a Blaze of Colour - Ellie Kennard 2015
Fall Into a Blaze of Colour – Ellie Kennard 2015

This wonderful maple tree is right outside the back of our house and every fall it presents us with a stunning display of gold and red light. It is one of the last to ‘turn’ but also, happily, one of the last to lose its leaves. When all the other trees have become bare skeletons, this one is still brilliant and alive, giving us one last blaze of colour before the end of the season. I decided to catch this in a multiple exposure which seems to really do justice to this grand fall finale.

Passiflora Beauty


The Passiflora or Passion flower always looks to me as if it had been designed by someone in Pixar Studios. It is so colourful and complex and fantastical, the product of a skilled person with a wonderfully creative mind. This beautiful flower was in the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens and as always made me catch my breath with delight. I hope it does the same for you today and with this I wish you all a peaceful, colourful and happy weekend.
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Please Release Me, Let Me Go


The spider who had so lovingly crafted this web had not intended to catch indigestible prey of this size but it surely decorated the web nicely for a lovely fall day. Thanks to Steven who spotted it and called me out with my camera to catch it.

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Sometimes the Worms Have the Best View

Sometimes the worms - Ellie Kennard 2015
Sometimes the worms – Ellie Kennard 2015

How often do we search for a striking foreground to a beautifully coloured sky, at sunset or sunrise? And how often are we in just the wrong place, with scrub land or ugly buildings the only thing we can feature in the photograph? Too often, at least for me. I had just these same thoughts when I saw this beautiful fading sunset, but then I saw these lovely wildflowers and grasses boldly silhouetted against the pink and blue hues and decided to get down low and make them the stars of my picture.

When we don’t have glorious mountain ranges, canyons or waterfalls near us, we can make the smaller, quieter glories around us into such wonders. We just have to get the right perspective to see their qualities and potential. Isn’t that the same with people?