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Week 23/26: Stacks

This small stack of CDs for the theme for our BW Project reminds me of a trip we made to Canada many years ago, before we moved here. We lived in France at the time, in an area where CDs were not easy to find, sadly, as music is a very big part of our lives. We had an eclectic taste in music and missed having access to a wide range of genres. They were also very expensive to buy, so our purchases were few and far between.

By contrast, Canadian music stores had a huge and varied inventory and we spent hours wandering around them making exciting discoveries. They were also cheap and doubly so for us as the dollar was low compared to the French franc. This meant that each trip to the stores saw us coming back to our room with a few more acquisitions to add to the pile.

We spent some time in several places and finally on the last leg of our journey I started to gather things together for the return flight. As I made my way around the room, I found a few stacks of CDs, then a few more, then a few more, under or behind or in boxes and bags or suitcases. I had not realized just how many CDs we had accumulated on that trip, but when I made the count finally, I realized that we had bought about 41 of them!

We still have them all, still in perfect condition and still treasured, along with the hundreds more we have bought since. We still buy CDs, not digital downloads. These are beautiful musical memories. Have fun reading the titles and seeing which you know (and discover) in this small stack.
The full list of titles is:
Boz Scaggs: My Time
Boz Scaggs: Memphis
Boz Scaggs: But Beautiful
Boz Scaggs: A Fool to Care
Sade: Stronger Than Pride
Sade: Love Deluxe
Van Morrison: Poetic Champions Compose
Mark Knopfler: Tracker
The Rails: Fair Warning
Richard and Linda Thompson: The End of the Rainbow (an introduction)
Beppe Gambetta, Carlo Aonzo, David Grisman: Traversata (Italian music in America)
Craig DeMelo: The Whiskey Poet
The Great Piano Concertos – Grieg, Schumann
Judy Garland: Over the Rainbow

(to be continued)

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  1. I'm trying to post something every day…and I'm building up slowly that way too. But I've been doing so much work. The layered images I put up today you may have seen, some of them were shown privately in the Blurry mentorship. But I have a couple more sets (like one on line and water) that I haven't even touched. I do this work constantly…and love life that way. though I admit to being a bit out of balance. It's okay for now. Just leave me off your list for another day. I'm done for now and I'll warn you when I'm about to populate another collection. Now I'm off to see why I didn't get your previous posts!

  2. I did get a bit bombed and I'm afraid I took you temporarily out of my 'show me everything' circle. So I can't really say if it was a success… +Sandra Nesbit – I knew I would put you back in after a day or two once you built your collection up. I am just moving old posts into collections and then building onward at the regular posting rate. Which then doesn't cause a deluge.

  3. Yeah, +Ellie Kennard … I may have a problem with my subscription settings….but other things seem to be coming through.

    Also…I just added a collection (and I'm about to add another) to my profile page. I unchecked the box about who the new images will be shared with since I want to populate the collection without burying anyone in new posts. I'm hoping it worked. Did you get bombed by me again in the last couple days?

    Once I've got the existing shots in, I'll go back and click the box. At least that's the current plan.

  4. How strange, +Sandra Nesbit – I'm glad that they are linked so tightly as the blog posts are getting through to you where the G+ ones aren't. That's only as you are subscribed of course 😉
    And I'm sure we do share some music in our collections. There's no good my trying to name them all as the stack has changed two or three times over since I took the photograph. It is a movable feast!

  5. Hummmmmm Memory lane. This stack could have been "A Piece of Mine"!
    BTW, I got to this "Stack" by going to your B&W album first, which I got to through the Around the House image, which was through your blog. Prior to that rather round-about journey, hadn't seen this image either.

  6. +Giselle Savoie thank you so much! I'm glad if some are shared memories!

    Alex I had almost forgotten that night! It was fun, though the performance was nothing special, as I recall. +Alex Lapidus

    What an amazing trip to make at 14, +Susanne Stelle​! 14 LP's must have been heavy, too ☺, but so worth it, I'm sure, Susanne.

    😂 Richard! Okay, I'll let you get away with that.

    +Lynn David Newton​ the tiles cream be read pretty easily when you zoom in. I think you have us beaten on quantity, though I suspect we might win on the obscure, with so much diversity in genres and heavy bias to the traditional English (English 'folk') music from our earlier days. But I wouldn't like to bet on it. Someone visiting us, after spending a very long time looking through them remarked that we had the largest collection he had ever seen, mostly of music no-one else had ever heard of.

    +Gernot Glaeser​ thanks so much. Which 2? I think I will have to list the titles in the post, for those who couldn't read them. I think there are at least 4 Boz Scaggs in there for a start.

    +Leonardo Hervacio Arenas​ thanks so much. That love is universal!

    Thanks a lot, Heiko. Which is the one we have in common? +Heiko Mahr

    I am glad to say we still have our turntable, though it's not often used, now Karen. We purchased many of the albums we had also on CD when we could. I developed a love for French music when we lived there. But the cost of cds there was prohibitive. Thanks as always, +Karen Cooper

  7. Lovely story – as alway :0) Ironically, the only time I've bought 'music' when abroad was when I was in France! I was 16 years old and staying with a pen friend in Brittany. I bought 'Fade to Grey' by Visage on vinyl (there was no such thing a CDs when I was 16 ;0) from a French hypermarket. I believe I still have it – although no way of listening to it, as we no longer have a turntable.

  8. Can't read but a few title. My collection of CDs numbers around 650, plus I've added a couple hundred that I've acquired by getting them from the library and burning. Plus I have about 800 vinyl records, all neatly cagegorized, a collection of pure gold I wouldn't part for for anything.

    One day a friend was over at our house and was looking over the CDs collection, and after several minutes she said quietly: "All these people I never heard of …"


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