Week 24/26: Around the House

Sometimes other people's houses have more interesting things around them than you can find in your own. This collection of random items was on the front porch of a house not far from us. I loved how everything seemed to have been carefully placed to show each piece off to best advantage. My untrained eye couldn't detect any relationship between any of the pieces. I could only imagine that everything on that table had meaning to the people who had put it there. Closer inspection revealed all kinds of unexpected little surprises. The new G+ does not permit (so far) zooming in but if you can, enlarging the image will reveal some of the stranger additions. There are no children in this house, just in case you wondered.
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  1. I just love this, +Ellie Kennard . I must say that this is a more interesting collection than anything I have. I came to this through your blog. I intended to respond to you IN the blog, but when I was fooling around with the screen to enlarge it, I popped into G+ and this post. I don't know why the post didn't show up in my stream… Anyway, great Around the House collection.

    1. Worm holes will take you places you never would guess, Sandra! Thanks for the comment in both places. 😀 I have replied on the one on G+ too.

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