Flooding from Sudden Thaw and Heavy Rains 12/365

From a period of extreme cold and heavy winter blizzards, we have been suddenly plunged into semi-tropical temperatures, with heavy rainfall. All of this has the snow and the ice melting (not a bad thing) and causing some minor flooding. Yesterday on our walk in the afternoon sun this road was flooded. Today on the same walk it was colder. What this means is that I got a completely different photograph, which is why I chose to post this rather nondescript image of a not very serious flood. Bear with me as I think you will understand more tomorrow. I can't post it today as I have too much to do tonight. You will just have to be patient! 🙂 

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Canning, From the Aboiteau Road 7/365

I had to deliver something to the art store in Canning today (and pick up a couple of art supplies myself) and it was such a lovely clear cold day that I stayed to take some photographs of the river. An old man passed by and stopped to pass the time of day with me. He remarked on how smooth the river ice was – perfect for skating. "If I was a teenager, that's where I would be, right now! I used to skate on that river all the time when I was young." 

I drove on beyond the town and over the bridge on the Aboiteau road to get this angle on the town. There were no skaters anywhere on that river. What a shame. (Mind you, it was windy and felt bitterly cold, although it was much warmer than the -22 degrees we had the other day.)

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Canning, Nova Scotia, Seen From the Banks of the Habitant River

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My (Current) HomeTown. Can you imagine this as being a busy shipbuilding hub? The river you see here was the site of a major shipyard. The wikipedia entry describes the town as "much diminished in importance in recent years". I suspect the writer was perfecting his use of understatement in that sentence.  As I was taking these photographs, there were birds walking on the green algae growth on the surface of the river. 

1866 July – Schooner Escape

"When fire swept Canning's main street in July 1866, a small schooner was under construction on the stocks in the Bigelow shipyard. The wooden ship was ready for launching except for her spars, rigging, and sails. As the fire drew near, Ebenezer Bigelow saw the tide was high, and made a snap decision to launch immediately. Quickly, a crowd of people clambered on the vessel's deck, seeking to escape the flames. Later, the vessel would be named Escape. In 1874 Escape's luck ran out. She was lost with all on board near Digby Gut, Nova Scotia.
— Source: Stanley Spicer, in The Canning Gazette, Issue #127, July 1998"

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