The Sea Bottom

Sand dunes on the sea bottom, low tide, Minas Basin, Nova Scotia - Ellie Kennard 2016 Ellie Kennard 2016
Sand dunes on the sea bottom, low tide, Minas Basin, Nova Scotia – Ellie Kennard 2016

Living, as we do, very close to the Bay of Fundy which boasts the highest (and the lowest) tides in the world, twice a day we are able to walk far out along the bottom of the sea bed to the edge of the receding water. It is a strange feeling, knowing that within a few short hours the water will be many feet, even meters above our heads as we walk out on the hard sea bottom. It is a constantly shifting underwater landscape, with the perpetual motion of the waves sculpting the sand and rocks into new formations twice a day, every day. The movement of the water doesn’t allow for anything but buried sea creatures and crabs to remain for long. It gives a clean sweep, every 12.5 hours. Here it looks as if the sand has taken the form of the receding waves themselves. This is Kingsport Beach, about 10 minutes from where we live.

Snow Geese on the Banks of the Saint Lawrence River, Quebec

Snow Geese, St, Lawrence River, Quebec - Ellie Kennard 2016
Snow Geese, St, Lawrence River, Quebec – Ellie Kennard 2016

On our recent trip along the shores of the Saint Lawrence river, wending our way to Quebec city, we stopped to watch this flock of snow geese wading through the marshy mud flats, feeding on he various aquatic plants, grasses etc. I was mystified by the black legs as the bird is described as having pink ones, until I realized that they were probably just covered in black mud! Snow geese, according to my birding app, pass through on their way in a Spring migration, and this was a first sighting of these birds for me. According to iBird, during the summer their heads are often stained red from gathering food in iron oxide laden mud.

Across the river you see the mountains of the opposite shore rising out of the mist, with the last of the snow trails just visible.


Town Sunset from all Angles

Multiple exposure town sunset, Uxbridge - Ellie Kennard 2016
Multiple exposure town sunset, Uxbridge – Ellie Kennard 2016

Don’t you hate it when there is a gorgeous sunset you can see happening, but the foreground just is not going to give you a great photo of it? On this particular occasion, the sky was beautiful, but I was right on a residential street in the busy town of Uxbridge in Ontario. I decided to take multiple shots of this from many different angles and blend them, hoping to get rid of as much of the distraction as I could and just have the ‘focus’ be on the light through the trees. When one of my friend’s neighbours saw me trying to get a better angle on the sunset, he even invited me into his backyard to see if it was better from there. Aren’t people great?

Have a great end to your week, everyone!

These multiple exposures are all on my “When Life is a Blur’ gallery here: https://elliekennard.ca/ekgallery/when-life-is-a-blur/


Just When You Thought it Was Over

Life and Nova Scotia weather have a way of surprising and delighting you. Yesterday the snow had entirely melted leaving behind only the dull brown of mud and winter grasses. It was really too early for Spring promise and the world seemed to have been caught in a state of embarrassing unwashed undress. Then, as though she had coyly pulled her fluffy white eiderdown over her, this morning she looked all resplendent once again, her nakedness buried in a modest covering of white.

Yes, the Spring will come, with the green pushing through to quickly cover the mud and dead grasses. Just not yet.

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Evening Light on Quebec Village Spire

Church spire in the sun
Church spire in the sun

Why does it seem that the best sunsets are always seen in your rear view mirror? In some cases, a particularly lovely scene will go flashing by when you are on the highway with no way to stop safely. I was a passenger travelling from Quebec city on the way home in November, 2014 when I saw the setting sun casting a beautiful glow on the tops of the autumn trees in this village off to the side of the highway. My camera is usually in my lap when I travel anywhere, so I caught this with the beautiful golden light on that spire.



Sometimes the view of a landscape can reflect perfectly your own mood. In this case the mood is one of slight melancholy, maybe even your thinking is a little unclear as you try to work out things in your life. As you contemplate, gradually you see things come clearer and the fog begins to lift. At last! A decision is made and you can move forward to a goal.

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Bending, not Breaking


Some photographs really need no words of explanation.

(But for those who want a bit more): This was another snowy walk on a Sunday afternoon and with the new heavy fall of snow and the bending trees, the light called us along that path and through into the woods. These special times are fleeting and for this reason we treasure them and think of them as a typical winter scene. In reality, these scenes happen very rarely as usually the wind blows it all off the trees as it falls. Now, the snow is almost all gone. So I'm so glad I caught this.

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A Snowy Woodland Brook Journey


A winter walk along a snow covered path through the woods has a special quality of stillness. It's a quiet made of your own muffled, almost soundless footfalls and those of the creatures who made those tiny tracks. You sense that they are hiding with held breath just out of sight under the pillowed snow beside the frozen water in the stream. Your frozen breath hangs in the air, as if afraid to fall and shatter the peace. The lowering sun makes the shadows lengthen silently through the woods, across the brook between the trees.

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Autumn Sadness Tempered by Light


It's true that although the fall is one of my favourite seasons (and definitely the best time to visit Eastern Canada) it always brings a mixture of moods. The sadness in the mix is related to the end of summer, which this year seemed was shorter than normal and not nearly as hot as it usually is. I feel that I didn't do half of what I planned or hoped to do. 'Ah well, there's always next summer' but that thought comes with a little sigh of resignation.

The fall also brings a feeling of restlessness as I am nagged by a persistent feeling that I should be leaving to go somewhere. There is also a slight mood of foreboding about what the winter might have in store for us and this hangs heavy as the stormy dark sky behind these bright leaves.

But in spite of all of that, the brilliant autumn light, magnified and intensified by the golden, orange and red colours leaves a feeling of joy that no other season seems to carry.

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