Flooding from Sudden Thaw and Heavy Rains 12/365

From a period of extreme cold and heavy winter blizzards, we have been suddenly plunged into semi-tropical temperatures, with heavy rainfall. All of this has the snow and the ice melting (not a bad thing) and causing some minor flooding. Yesterday on our walk in the afternoon sun this road was flooded. Today on the same walk it was colder. What this means is that I got a completely different photograph, which is why I chose to post this rather nondescript image of a not very serious flood. Bear with me as I think you will understand more tomorrow. I can't post it today as I have too much to do tonight. You will just have to be patient! 🙂 

For my buddy +Charles Strebor who has not had any mention from me for a while, for his theme  #cableicous +Cableicous
For my:
#365project +G+ 365 Project by the amazing curators, +Simon Davis-Oakley +Patricia dos Santos Paton
#mytowntuesday +My Town Tuesday by +Melanie Kintz +Jamie Furlong

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  1. This image is not at all nondescript! For me it is powerfull! One can see the Impact of the SLP Mentorship ( :o) … And I love the angle you choosed! And I realy enjoy to get to know the places you walk through your days! ….. Now looking forward to this view part II. xo

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