An abstract image in pale greens, yellows, oranges, purples and blues. There are dark lines with balls, almost like power lines intersecting the colours, along with a pale grid like section.

This photograph was taken either with in camera multiple exposure, or a long exposure, but I can’t remember which, as it was taken a few years ago. I remember loving the tones and lines in it, giving the feeling of coming down from a flight, into a glowing sunset at the bottom of the image. I was in a Google+ mentorship that was teaching intentional blur and abstract techniques and this was one of the results. Have a lovely Monday, friends.

Hydrangea Late Fall

Dark pink and white hydrangea blooms hang from top left to lower right, lit from the right by a warm evening sun against a dark green background.
Late Fall Hydrangea

Flowers always cheer me, especially when they are lit by a lovely warm evening light. I hope these deep pink and white hydrangeas in the evening glow cheer your day, my friends. They drew me from across the street on our walk, as they seemed to glow. #Bloomscrolling beats doomscrolling.

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Country Walk in the Fog

A foggy country end of season scene, with dried grasses and a ditch on the left side leading up to a stone culvert. There is, bottom left, an old wooden gate with wooden fencing. A path leads up beside the ditch.
Country walk in the fog

English fog in the countryside lends a lovely softness to a scene, such as this one, which was on a walk near the river close to Coningsby in Lincolnshire.

I hope everyone’s Monday has some gentleness to it. This is being posted from my blog, so feel free to visit from the link if you want to see more of my photographs and stories.