An abstract image in pale greens, yellows, oranges, purples and blues. There are dark lines with balls, almost like power lines intersecting the colours, along with a pale grid like section.

This photograph was taken either with in camera multiple exposure, or a long exposure, but I can’t remember which, as it was taken a few years ago. I remember loving the tones and lines in it, giving the feeling of coming down from a flight, into a glowing sunset at the bottom of the image. I was in a Google+ mentorship that was teaching intentional blur and abstract techniques and this was one of the results. Have a lovely Monday, friends.

Revisit of Country Sunset Dreams

A multiple exposure image of sunset colours over the top of silhouetted corn leaves that rise up into the blue and pink clouds in the sky. There is a thin reddish streak near the right side of the image just above the darkest leaf spikes. The leaves in the image seem to be rising into the clouds, getting paler as they go.
Dream of a country sunset – multiple exposure

I had to run to the nearby field to get this photo as the sun was fading fast. The ripening crop in this field stands about 3 feet taller than my head, with the path on a much lower level. The foliage makes an interesting silhouette in the foreground, but the (in camera) multiple exposure gives such a dreamy feel that I decided to reshare this.

Have a lovely Tuesday, all.