Fingers of Light

The bottom 10 percent of the frame is a landscape with gold and brown fields, a few dark green trees and, in the distance, a hazy low range of hills. The rest of the image is taken up with the sky which has a few low dark clouds, then the top two thirds is a burst of white sun in the middle, with white rays of light radiating outwards from it into dark grey clouds.
Fingers of Light

Nova Scotia skies often delight and sometimes astonish me, like this one did. The valley landscape with the low, understated mountains in the distance are the perfect foil to this drama. Have a lovely week ahead, friends.

Thanks to Nova Scotia Weather Guy Jim Abraham on Mastodon for telling me the name of the cloud formation is probably cirrocumulus.

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Sunday Sun Day

A mown field stretches towards the upper half of the frame, towards a bank of darker trees. There is a line of small tuffted brushes that resemble tiny hay stacks almost. There is a young fir tree in the right  side, with a young deciduous tree in front. The sun is shining down into the frame, with rays highlighting areas of the field including some of the small tufted stacks.
Sunday Sun Day

Our fields will soon be covered with snow, so this scene can serve to remind me of the lovely light of an early fall day. The morning sun highlighted those tufts of grasses left by the mower so beautifully that they look almost like old-fashioned hay ricks left to dry. Have a lovely day, friends, enjoy the sunshine in your lives whenever you find it.

Maple and Birch Wood

A woodland scene with green low foliage in the foreground, then young trees, some white and black birch, some darker unknown ones over the whole image. The leaves are very red on the birch trees on the left side, with some pink, orange and yellow ones further into the wood..
Maple and Birch Wood

Hello friends. I know what you might be thinking: “It’s November, it’s Nova Scotia and Ellie hasn’t yet made a post showing our lovely autumn leaves.” There’s a good reason for that, though. This year has not been the greatest for showy displays. That being the case, I have found this lovely one from a few years ago. This is a woodland not far from here, but you won’t find it easily. It’s reached by a dirt road that looks as if it’s going nowhere interesting. Then, you find it, a place where eagles congregate and, no doubt, foxes, possibly coyotes and certainly raccoons rear their young in as much safety as their world provides. The undergrowth is thick and dense and, quite suddenly you come across a clearing with these gorgeous birch trees and glimpses of colour deeper in, should you decide to penetrate the forest. I hope this satisfies your craving for fall colours, but, if this isn’t enough…. The landscape gallery featuring this photo is here and there you’ll see lots more photographs of fall colours.

There is a gallery of Autumn Colours and Rainbow or another, Fall Colour 2021 with some really lovely scenes you can visit to give you more fall landscapes.

Long Beach Sunset

A golden sunset scene of a stony beach. The waves are low as they wash onto the shore. The distant hills are a little misty. There is a lone figure in the distance , standing on a spit of stony shore reaching into the water. The clouds are broken, and between them is a pale blue sky at the top of the image, but a golden horizon gives the scene a warm glow.
Long Beach at Sunset

There is little enough peace in the world, so we appreciate the calm moments that we’re so fortunate to experience here. I’m very happy to share this one with you all. Our beach walks in Nova Scotia always seem to ground us and remind us of the beautiful natural elements that are always there, despite all the chaos that we see in the news and social media.

Have a lovely Sunday, whatever you are doing, friends.