Hydrangea Late Fall

Dark pink and white hydrangea blooms hang from top left to lower right, lit from the right by a warm evening sun against a dark green background.
Late Fall Hydrangea

Flowers always cheer me, especially when they are lit by a lovely warm evening light. I hope these deep pink and white hydrangeas in the evening glow cheer your day, my friends. They drew me from across the street on our walk, as they seemed to glow. #Bloomscrolling beats doomscrolling.

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  1. A nice colourful photo, especially for this time of year with our having had an 1″ of snow delivered today. However the photo would be MUCH more welcome had they not been hydrangeas

    1. Well I did ask for that! Telling you I had taken a photo especially for you when I knew hydrangeas are your least favourite flower and then asking you to comment! 😀
      I’m glad, nonetheless if the colour and warmth helped cheer and warm your first snow day of the year. Thanks, Jim!

  2. The light does make them glow and they are a lovely colour. Deep and rich. Your photos are always amazing. You do know how to capture things very well.

  3. My cockles are warmed just imaging the glow from these hydrangeas that you have captured here, Ellie. Much appreciated on a day greeted with snow on the roofs and ground.

    1. Thanks as always, Janet. Sometimes the simple beauty of light on flowers will do the warming we feel in need of and I’m glad if this did it for you. I hope your snow gives way to a bit more warmth before the cold really sets in.

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