Snow Geese on the Banks of the Saint Lawrence River, Quebec

Snow Geese, St, Lawrence River, Quebec - Ellie Kennard 2016
Snow Geese, St, Lawrence River, Quebec – Ellie Kennard 2016

On our recent trip along the shores of the Saint Lawrence river, wending our way to Quebec city, we stopped to watch this flock of snow geese wading through the marshy mud flats, feeding on he various aquatic plants, grasses etc. I was mystified by the black legs as the bird is described as having pink ones, until I realized that they were probably just covered in black mud! Snow geese, according to my birding app, pass through on their way in a Spring migration, and this was a first sighting of these birds for me. According to iBird, during the summer their heads are often stained red from gathering food in iron oxide laden mud.

Across the river you see the mountains of the opposite shore rising out of the mist, with the last of the snow trails just visible.


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  1. You've captured an awesome scene of nature with painterly skill and light!!:-) What a wonderful experience it must have been and what a beautiful capture!:-)

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