Just When You Thought it Was Over

Life and Nova Scotia weather have a way of surprising and delighting you. Yesterday the snow had entirely melted leaving behind only the dull brown of mud and winter grasses. It was really too early for Spring promise and the world seemed to have been caught in a state of embarrassing unwashed undress. Then, as though she had coyly pulled her fluffy white eiderdown over her, this morning she looked all resplendent once again, her nakedness buried in a modest covering of white.

Yes, the Spring will come, with the green pushing through to quickly cover the mud and dead grasses. Just not yet.

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  1. Sorry to have taken so long to reply to all these comments. I have been sick for weeks but am now better. 😀

    Thanks so much +Chris Sutton – the light was pretty special and I was really happy I had my camera with me.

    +Eve Aebi – it is a lovely little nature walk, just behind our barn, so we can leave the house and get straight on it. It's a nice walk in any season (though with lots of bug protection in blackfly season!)

    Thanks a lot +Ursula Klepper

    Thank you so much +Darcee McCutcheon – my brain barely was up to it, I'll be honest. (The photo was taken at an earlier time, though we did have a snowfall on the day I posted it. I just was too sick to get out and walk much in it.)

    +Michelle Connolly – yes, it does have a special quality.

    Thank you so much for both compliments +Christina Lihani !

    +Sumit Sen thanks a lot!

    I wish we had an early spring (or could have one this year at least) +Shelly Gunderson but the earliest we can hope for would be late May, with the earliest blossoms and the magnolia.

    Rain is not as pretty, for sure +Giselle Savoie Thanks!

    1. Thanks Linda. In fact I’m not up to taking my camera with me on walks just yet. I took this a few weeks ago after the big snow. Both Joni and I look forward to walking with you soon.

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