Emotion: Love me, Love my Dog +1 Year

Love Me, Love My Dog 2 - Ellie Kennard 2015
Love Me, Love My Dog 2 – Ellie Kennard 2015

Week 4/26: Emotion

The theme of the bi-weekly B&W Project this time is Emotion. This was a revisit of a photograph I took a year ago when we first got Joni, as a pup.  You will find the original posting and photograph I took here https://elliekennard.ca/love-me-love-my-dog/.

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  1. That's the idea, thanks so much +John Dusseault and not all I took made them as obvious. I'm glad it worked for you.

    Thank you very much +Pat Kight

    +Thomas Gillingham thank you very much.

    Thanks a lot +Sumit Sen

    I think they are both mesmerized by each other, as you know, +Janet Patterson 😀 thanks a lot, Janet.

    Thank you +Alex Lapidus

    I'm glad you like it +Alison Christensen thanks.

    Thank you very much +Ursula Klepper

    Which one? LOL Both of them (for me, at least) +Suhaib Ayaz – thanks very much. 😉

    Thank you for that lovely comment +MicheleElys Mer – but not a great memory… I must get you those pictures, as soon as I can. 😀

  2. +Liz C 🙂

    Thank you very much +Giselle Savoie – you know one of the subjects, though not yet the other. One day, I hope.

    Thank you very much +HQSP Animals

    I think so too, +Abril Brether

    Isn't it, +Heiko Mahr – I have the first one as my lock screen phone image (it's easy to prove that a lost phone is mine if I say "it's got a photo of a good looking guy with blue eyes holding a cute puppy on the lock screen!") and I thought it would be interesting to see what it looks like now that they are both more mature. LOL! And they do cuddle like this from time to time, so I just made them hold the pose and do it while I took some more photos of them.

    +Sharon Stone 🙂

    Thank you +Arc Morpheus

    Thanks a lot +Linda Jess

    +Carol Ayala – thanks so much, I know how you love dogs, too.

    Thanks very much +Tisha Montgomery

    Many thanks +Diana Boyd

    +Christine Bichler – thank you very much, Christine.

    Thanks for checking out the 'before' shot, and for the nice compliment, too, +Shelly Gunderson

    Thanks +Marsha Leigh

  3. Thank you very much +Lauri Novak

    I think that they are too, +Elizabeth Lund – thanks for saying it for me (and no doubt making Steven blush!)

    Thanks +Rachel Ferris

    +שלמה ארגוב oh yes! Good dog indeed, thanks very much. 🙂

    I thought so too, +Lisa Lisa thank you.

    +Annie Irving – that's what I was going for. There were other outtakes/rejects which didn't have 'it'. Which probably included the glints!

    Thanks +Christina Lihani – bright eyes (now I have that song in my head) 🙂

    What a lovely thing to say +Lena Konstantinova thanks so much.

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