Joni and the First Blue Ball

A black and white border collie pup is lying on some old beige floor lino. She has a blue ball between her white paws and has her mouth over it, chewing it. She is looking up at the camera sideways, with her lovely brown collie eyes.
Joni’s First Blue Ball

It’s a day for a puppy photograph. Thinking about it, though, most days are good days to see a puppy pic. This was Joni when she was about 10 weeks old, with her first blue ball. She was a terrible chewer, as you can see, and was on her way to destroying this, but was able to spare a few seconds to glance up at me.

A friend posted that she wished she could hit rewind on her life and just pause for a few moments. So this is my rewind moment. Joni is now almost 10. Have a lovely day, friends.

Joni is 18 months Old and Her Collection is a Google+ Featured One!

Young black and white border collie dog is in a field of white flowers.

I have been so busy posting images of unrecognisable (or barely) subjects on my blur mentorship that I thought it was time I shared another image of Joni, who is now almost grown out of the puppy stage. Here she was waiting by the front of the house, nicely backlit next to the rhododendrons that are about to flower. She is always ready for any game, in spite of being so grown up.

See the whole album here: Joni, the Border Collie

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


I hope Your Day is a Blue Ball Day

Every day is a blue ball day- Ellie Kennard 2015
Every day is a blue ball day- Ellie Kennard 2015

Everyone who is following Joni’s story has heard about her passion obsession with blue balls. Here is a portrait of her with her two current favourites. (One is more of an egg shape and originally came dressed up in a cute fluffy animal cover, but that went in about 10 minutes, leaving the business part ready for play.)

I thought I should post this to show that Joni does have a comfortable time when she is indoors. She doesn’t spend her entire life in ice and snow. Though I think it’s only the blue balls and meal times that make indoor life bearable for her. (I had to break this post off three times to fetch it for her when she had bounced the blue egg out of her reach.)

I hope you all have a day as full of fun as she does with her blue balls!

I Love it. And So Does She


I know it doesn't look like a lot of fun, when you are hunched against a bitter wind that is whipping your hair (or fur) around and ice is freezing your eyelashes. But you have to admit that there is something exciting about it as well.

I thought that the other day on this walk with Joni. I had my scarf up over my nose and my colourful wool hat pulled down to my eyebrows, held firmly in place with the hood of my winter jacket. I was dressed in layers and layers of thin wool, then ski pants on top and warm thick woolly boot socks. I was trudging along on my snowshoes on top of the thick wind-sculpted drifts, only stopping long enough to pick up Joni's throw toy and send it off into the swirling snow so she could go racing after it. She absolutely loved the game and the walk and bounded over the deep snow in what looked like pure joy. And I looked around me across the white fields that were misted with blowing snow and I felt exhilarated at the sight and the conditions. I love it. And Joni loves it too. What you see in this picture is a happy dog. Photographed by a happy person.*

*If you have your camera out in conditions like this, make sure you bring it into a cool room to acclimatise before bringing it into the warm, to avoid condensation in the camera innards.

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