The Snow Isn't as Deep Under the Trees – 38/365

It snowed again, about 2" last night, snow that fell soft and light and fluffy. When you pile that onto the 10" that fell the day before, on top of the previous layers, you understand why a small puppy has to do a lot of bouncing to try to get above a cold, white underworld. It's a relief when she reaches some trees and the snow is only up to her knees.  She loves having the freedom to run through it as best she can and she never seems to feel the cold, thanks to her thick coat.

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  1. I can imagine the joy she has to run through the snow, and I can also imagine your joy to wach her doing this! This is such a lovely image and I confess …. I fall in love with Joni! <3

  2. +Ellie Kennard , I truly understand that.  I got two lovely kittens for my children at Christmas time.  Even though I mourn for my beloved Maxi, the kittens just make me laugh and are such "people" kittens.  All they want to do is be around you.  So, enjoy your new member of the family.  So, so adorable!  🙂


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