When Steven is not creating beautiful art

He is kept pretty busy. He was trying to clear this snow this morning so that I could get out to an appointment.

A winter wonderland is not all it's cracked up to be, at times. (It wasn't very cold, by the way, which made the snow heavy and hard to shift. I found it heavy shovelling the small amount I removed.)
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Joni and the Invisible Fence – 43/365

Joni is a very fortunate puppy. (In more ways than one, I hear you shout. 😉 ) She lives in a house in the country with a large garden. But she also lives in a house right next to a main road where cars regularly ignore the speed limit signs as they drive by. This would normally make running free in that large garden a little risky, to say the least. Life would be tense for us all, whenever she went out to wander around. However 12 years ago, when the last Joni was a year old, we invested in an invisible fence ( +Invisible Fence® Brand ) and the wire was dug in around the whole perimeter of the property. It worked for that Joni for all of her life as well as for our other little Lhasa Apso, Mel.

This type of containment is sometimes misunderstood to be cruel, but in fact it is a wonderful way to keep a dog safe. Joni has had her first week of training and now never goes beyond the boundaries of her property. She has not been 'shocked' into this behaviour. In her training period, whenever she approached the little blue flags that showed her where the limits were, she heard a tiny buzz sound and felt a little tingle in her neck from that collar you see. She would jump back and you could almost see her mind working and she figured out what this meant. Now she doesn't even feel or hear that, as she has been shown exactly where she can go, as free as a bird puppy. She runs like a lunatic all over the property, wherever she wants to go (with me panting behind her, trying to keep up) and enjoys the full benefit of all that space. She gets her exercise and we can all relax while she does. She is really a very happy little puppy.

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The Snow Isn't as Deep Under the Trees – 38/365

It snowed again, about 2" last night, snow that fell soft and light and fluffy. When you pile that onto the 10" that fell the day before, on top of the previous layers, you understand why a small puppy has to do a lot of bouncing to try to get above a cold, white underworld. It's a relief when she reaches some trees and the snow is only up to her knees.  She loves having the freedom to run through it as best she can and she never seems to feel the cold, thanks to her thick coat.

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