Fingers of Light

The bottom 10 percent of the frame is a landscape with gold and brown fields, a few dark green trees and, in the distance, a hazy low range of hills. The rest of the image is taken up with the sky which has a few low dark clouds, then the top two thirds is a burst of white sun in the middle, with white rays of light radiating outwards from it into dark grey clouds.
Fingers of Light

Nova Scotia skies often delight and sometimes astonish me, like this one did. The valley landscape with the low, understated mountains in the distance are the perfect foil to this drama. Have a lovely week ahead, friends.

Thanks to Nova Scotia Weather Guy Jim Abraham on Mastodon for telling me the name of the cloud formation is probably cirrocumulus.

You can see my Landscape Photography gallery here.

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  1. What an amazing photo. It just takes your breath away. Stunning. One that should be framed and hung somewhere for all to enjoy.

  2. It’s more like a burst of light. Ellie, as the sky opens its arms to embrace the sun. However you look at it, it’s beautiful. Thank you.

  3. The immensity of the sky and the almost minimalism of the land complement each other very harmoniously!

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