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We were near the end of a road trip, after driving through some heavy rains interspersed with dramatic bursts of light through the clouds.

As the sun began to set the sky was aflame with colour and drama. The intensity of the sunset was almost overwhelming and Steven stopped the car for me to dash out to the side of the road, dodging rain drops to try to find a decent foreground for some photographs. I took a few and then I looked behind, to the East. The pastoral scene, with the last of the autumn leaves at the bottom of a green stretch of grass and bounded by a field of ripened gold corn was a beautiful foreground to the more muted, but still beautiful reflection of the garish colours in the West.

I am in the mood for a more tasteful, gentle palette tonight and so am sharing the Eastern sky view. It also fits the +Farm Friday #farmfriday theme, curated by myself, +Steven Kennard, +Susanne Stelle and +Alessia De Bonis. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

This was taken on the same evening which, not long before produced this scene: .

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Spring Rain and Mist Over the Valley

Spring Rain and Mist Over the Valley- Ellie Kennard 2014
Spring Rain and Mist Over the Valley- Ellie Kennard 2014

Spring Rain and Mist Over the Valley-116/365 May 12, 2014

It was pouring with rain when I was driving up to the T junction looking towards one of my favourite views. The colours that show that Spring is really on the way were just beginning to show. The warm red of the earth in the freshly ploughed field in front, the darker red of the budding branches in the trees behind and the grey-greens in front of the mist at the foot of the North Mountain had patches of still yellow vegetation waiting to burst forth in renewed growth. If you zoom in you can see birds (eagles? seagulls? possibly both) soaring in the dark sky, as well as the rain slanting past the trees. I had to quickly take this photograph before I got rain spots on the lens. This is the fruitful Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia in the Spring. Before the blossoms spread across orchards. Before the green corn shoots seem to grow overnight taller than a man. A pause before it all bursts forth.

Spring Thaw and Flood – 76/365

I have got very behind on posting my photographs due to various factors including illness and major renovations (with huge amounts of building dust everywhere), but I am making a start on catching up. Most days I was able to take photographs, so little by little I will be sharing them here. 

On this day, although it was bitter cold, the ice had begun to melt on previous warmer days and the scene was encouraging. Winter will come to an end! I parked on the side of the road and scrambled down icy banks and through dense woods full of thorny wild rose bushes which tore into my jeans to get this image. I have to say it was better seen from the bridge, but there are huge heavy cables strung in front of the scene, so this was a better photograph. 

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My Favourite Farm in the Rain and Wind

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Reminder! Farm Friday is just around the corner! So if you can get out and photograph a farming related subject near you … if you're in the city, have you a farmers' market you could share with us? And if you can't get out why not dig out the farm photos you took a while ago and dust them off ready for our #farmfriday  theme tomorrow. If in doubt as to how to post to our theme, (curated by +Steven Kennard – our farm Friday manager, our European farm girl +Sofie Løve Forsberg and myself) then nip over to the page (+Farm Friday)  and read all about it on the About page!

Every time I drive along the road and see this farm with its beautiful old barn, I want to photograph it. I have taken photos of it from most angles and in different seasons and I love it more every time I see it. Here you see it in the wind and rain of early fall.

See you all tomorrow! Happy farming. 🙂

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