Spring Rain and Mist Over the Valley

Spring Rain and Mist Over the Valley- Ellie Kennard 2014
Spring Rain and Mist Over the Valley- Ellie Kennard 2014

Spring Rain and Mist Over the Valley-116/365 May 12, 2014

It was pouring with rain when I was driving up to the T junction looking towards one of my favourite views. The colours that show that Spring is really on the way were just beginning to show. The warm red of the earth in the freshly ploughed field in front, the darker red of the budding branches in the trees behind and the grey-greens in front of the mist at the foot of the North Mountain had patches of still yellow vegetation waiting to burst forth in renewed growth. If you zoom in you can see birds (eagles? seagulls? possibly both) soaring in the dark sky, as well as the rain slanting past the trees. I had to quickly take this photograph before I got rain spots on the lens. This is the fruitful Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia in the Spring. Before the blossoms spread across orchards. Before the green corn shoots seem to grow overnight taller than a man. A pause before it all bursts forth.


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  1. +Барская Марина thanks!

    Thank you +Annette Junge Daugaard 

    +Shelly Gunderson – one of my favourites.

    +Tatyana Akindinova – it is, thank you!

    THanks a lot +Peter b 

    Merci beaucoup +Paul Paradis 

    Thanks +Ursula Klepper – I know I have taken more than one photo of this, for that very reason. 😀

    Thanks a lot +Leslie Sutton 

    +Christin McLeod – it's true that many places bear resemblance to other areas. I'll try to get a full bloom view of this and ping you (hope I remember that far down the road :D)

    +Margaret Tompkins and +Landscape Photography Show Thanks very much.

    +Bruce Sanford – this is in Hillaton.

    Thanks +Sheila B. DuBois – I'm glad you like it.

    +Sumit Sen – thanks so much.

  2. You live in such a beautiful area, +Ellie Kennard. It much reminds me of Wisconsin, actually. Very similar vibe. I do hope you'll post another once the Spring has fully sprung. I would love to see what this looks like in full bloom. 🙂


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