Solitary Sandpiper

A medium size bird with a long slim beak is wading in water at the edge of some mud. There are broken off stems of thick reeds sticking out in the water around the frame. The bird is in the left of the frame, looking towards the right.
Sandpiper – Miner’s Marsh , Kentville, Nova Scotia

This sandpiper was enjoying the summer mud at Miner’s Marsh in Kentville and apparently finding lots of eat. This was taken a few years ago in my early years of photography, so I was really pleased to catch it so well. I can’t wait until we can have a bit of summer, to be able to see the ground, mud or grass! Meanwhile, we can enjoy memories from past photos like this.

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Zaz on Her Tree Bed

A young cat, curly coated tabby tortie brown black, red and cream is lying horizontally in the photo, on a cat tree. She is on a blanket with a couple of toys on either side of her, but her head is turned and she is looking directly at the camera with yellow green eyes. She has long white whiskers
Zaz on her Tree Bed

Zaz has always been more of a cliff cat than a cave one. So she was really happy when I took her heated pad out of the box and put it on the shelf. She surveys her kingdom from here, with her trusty puppy friend by her side. It’s the best thing to do on a snowy stormy day.

Happy Caturday to all who celebrate. Which must surely be everyone.

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Under the Feeder

A red squirrel is sitting sideways on, with sunflower seed hulls scattered about on the ground. She is facing the camera with her front paws holding a seed to her mouth . There is fresh green grass behind her and a few dried old brown autumn leaves.
Under the feeder

We don’t hang bird feeders any longer due to the risk of spreading disease, but in the days when I did, we were visited by opportunistic red squirrels. They joined the mourning doves on the ground, scavanging for dropped seeds, but had the advantage of being able to climb the pole to get direct access. This was taken in April one year. It’s another few months until we see the Spring, but it will come. Have a lovely day, friends! She features on my Wildlife Gallery.

Find Joy Where You Can

Several pale mauve, pink and white asters are in the forefront of the photo, with out-of-focus ones behind. In the background is the wheel of a parked car.
Parking Lot Asters

It’s a day for a cheerful flower post, though admittedly out of season. Let this little patch of wild asters that have braved the odds to flourish at the edge of a parking lot be one spot of joy in your day, wherever you are, my friends. Why the car tire in the shot? Doesn’t this show the possiblity of finding beauty in the most unlikely places and how quickly the natural world reclaims a spot to start to spread and take over from the drab concrete around?

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