An orange, yellow and white daylilly that has curled petals with crinkled edges is lit by the late afternoon warm glow. The crisp staments and anther have their shadows cast on one of the petals. The centre is a deep warm yellow and there are other buds behind and on the bottom right. The tone behind is a green mauve, with stems and buds out of focus.

It’s been a while. It’s been a while since I felt motivated to photograph flowers as I did during my Flower a Day project. The problem is that somehow I stopped seeing the beauty that was there in front of me. I guess I just stopped looking for it. I seemed to have no motivation for so many things, photography being just one of them. Lack of motivation is a powerful force that can bring you down in so many ways, robbing you of joy and purpose. Steven knew what was missing and suggested that I pick up the project again. I argued at first, thinking that I had already done it; that everyone would be bored if I posted flower photos again. Then I inwardly shrugged and picked up the camera and my little vintage Russian Helios 44-2 lens and walked into the garden in that late afternoon a couple of days ago. And right in front of me there shone the beauty of this ‘common’ day lily, looking so glorious in the warm golden light that I actually felt that stirring of motivation. So here we are, with one more Flower a Day to hopefully bring some joy to some who view this and can see in this flower what I saw.

In case you wonder if this will be the end of it or if I can continue being motivated… I will give you the hint that I have more flower photographs in mind to post, so, just watch this space!

You can see this enlarged and the other flowers as I post them here:

Find Joy Where You Can

Several pale mauve, pink and white asters are in the forefront of the photo, with out-of-focus ones behind. In the background is the wheel of a parked car.
Parking Lot Asters

It’s a day for a cheerful flower post, though admittedly out of season. Let this little patch of wild asters that have braved the odds to flourish at the edge of a parking lot be one spot of joy in your day, wherever you are, my friends. Why the car tire in the shot? Doesn’t this show the possiblity of finding beauty in the most unlikely places and how quickly the natural world reclaims a spot to start to spread and take over from the drab concrete around?

My flower gallery contains lots of beauty, if you want to see more floral joy.

Late Bloomer

A pink rose is fully in bloom, with petals very slightly curling and drooping. Some of the veined petals are beginning to brown a tiny bit. from the frosts they have had. There is a new, deep pink rosebud with opening green sepals, showing promise of another bloom. The background is a dark green of the indiscernable leaves behind.
Late bloomer

This one I could not resist! It was taken today, in the below freezing late fall weather. This beautiful rose bush was featured more than once in my Flower a Day project, so today when I knew I would be seeing it, I made sure to have my camera with me, and I wasn’t disappointed. It does seem unlikely, that such fragile blooms would be so cold hardy, but I really got a lift seeing all the bright roses and in particular this lovely bloom along with the promise of another to come. I hope you all have a bright day.

You can visit my Flowers Gallery here, to see more blooms.

Kelsey Annie Joy

A pinky yellow collarette dahlia with spikey pink inner pettals surround an orange centre. In this centre with its head buried, drinking the nectar. The background is a dark green with light spots.
Kelsey Annie Joy

Well, it is the end of the season, so I can’t stop myself sharing another of our beautiful flowers. This time it’s a new dahlia for us, this year. All of our flowers were so slow to bloom due to the poor weather this year, but they have all outdone themselves at this end of the season. This gentle beauty with her smaller flowers, so aptly named, really does bring me Joy, as I hope she does to you.

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