When Steven is not creating beautiful art

He is kept pretty busy. He was trying to clear this snow this morning so that I could get out to an appointment.

A winter wonderland is not all it's cracked up to be, at times. (It wasn't very cold, by the way, which made the snow heavy and hard to shift. I found it heavy shovelling the small amount I removed.)
+Steven Kennard 
#SnowySaturday curated by  +John Fujimagari  +#SnowySaturday

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  1. If he had to do this by hand, Janet, imagine how long it would take him. It takes him 2.5 hours on that tractor, most of the time. It would be more than 8 hours by hand, I suspect, so it, too, would not get done. I hope your rain has cleared yours by now as I know you are 'under the weather'. +Janet Patterson 

    +Sumit Sen 🙂

    It was, +Salina Olivia – thanks.

    Thanks for that +Heiko Mahr – now we are jealous… especially as Ursula just posted a photograph of a crocus (and a very beautiful photograph it is)

    Maybe the little tractor was fun for the first few times, but it is very hard work. The fun thing is that it cuts the time down to about 2.5 hours, both for snow removal and grass cutting. So that (in theory at least) leaves him more time for the fun of creating beautiful things – which is also hard work, of course! +Ursula Klepper  😉

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