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Ellie Kennard 2016, photo by Steven Kennard
Ellie Kennard 2016, photo by Steven Kennard

I have the most wonderful husband in the world. And I miss him a lot! He is in New Zealand, 10,000 miles from me, but before he left he posted this.

Originally shared by +Steven Kennard

“Portrait of Ellie”

“As I get ready to go to New Zealand I thought I would post a photograph I took of my beautiful wife, Ellie (photo above), who won’t be able to go with me on my trip. It’s a long journey, but I won’t be away for many days, so this image of her will come with me. By chance, when I saw it, it reminded me a lot of a photograph taken of her when she was 18 (photo below taken by Pete Erskine). When I saw that, I thought I would like to try to reproduce it. I’ll have to wait for when I get back for that. We got a Russian vintage lens, the Helios 44-2 with adapter and this was taken with that lens.”

Thinking of you, Steve. I’m only half here.

The original image, taken by Pete Erskine can be seen here:

Ellie Wornell (Kennard) - 1968. Photo taken by Peter Erskine
Ellie Wornell (Kennard) – 1968. Photo taken by Peter Erskine

Ellie Wornell – portrait from the past.

Photograph of myself that I have just restored. It was taken when I was about 18 or so, by an adopted brother of mine, Pete (Bamford) Erskine who died very young, many years ago, as a result of drug addiction. I was asked what I was thinking when this was taken and here is my response:
Strangely enough I remember the moment the photograph was taken, though it was so long ago. The photographer was a boy my age, Peter Erskine. I had not long ago arrived in England, meeting my mother for the first time in many years as she had left us as children. She had remarried and adopted a boy, Pete, who was roughly my own age (11 at the time of the adoption I think), whose alcoholic parents had more or less abandoned him and his little sister. Sad story. In any case, he was happy with my mother and stepfather and when I arrived he was welcoming and such an affectionate person and we got along really well. He was a brilliant writer, went on to write for the New Musical Express in the UK and some of his pieces are preserved on the websites of the musicians he was reviewing or interviewing. He unfortunately got into drugs in his early 20’s as did so many in that environment (and in the NME) and soft turned to hard and he became a heroin addict. I pretty much lost track of him for many years but I did hear that he had kicked heroin and was on methadone trying to clean up his life. He died at that point, aged around 30. What a sad waste of a human life.
When he took that photograph I was standing at the sink, having just washed my hair, getting ready to go out, as that was a new dress, I remember. I was probably thinking of the evening ahead, a young Canadian girl enjoying the swinging 60’s in England. Pete was standing wedged in the corner of the tiny bathroom, balanced on the edge of the bath to try to get the angle he wanted. Ah Pete. I miss him still.
One of his articles preserved online though there are many more to be found. I loved his style of writing, remember well his wry humour and caustic wit: https://geirmykl.wordpress.com/tag/pete-erskine/

and this one:  geirmykl.wordpress.com – Pete Erskine | My Things



Mother Earth : Louise Pentz’ Voice in the Conversations with Makers Series

Once again, +Ben Proudfoot  and team at Breakwater Studios, courtesy of the Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council and Craft Alliance has produced a powerful cameo of a gifted craftsman. He has done a masterful and sensitive job at enabling Louise Pentz to tell her story. This is such a beautiful profile, another 10 minute video from the series that is well worth watching. Just look at the faces on those figures!


Official Trailer to the Series of 6 Conversations with Makers: “LIfe’s Work”

The Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council has written about this great series: (from http://www.nsdcc.ns.ca/news-opportunities/lifes-work-six-conversations-makers)
“Life’s twists, challenges, surprises, and possibilities have been captured by filmmaker Ben Proudfoot in a new series of short documentary videos called Life’s Work:  Six Conversations with Makers.   The trailer forLife’s Work, containing clips from all six videos, is being released today.”

“Life’s Work introduces viewers to six of Nova Scotia’s master craftspeople.   Through the videos we get to visit them in their studios, and learn a little about their lives and what inspires their creativity.   “The satisfaction that you get from actually making something with your own hands can’t be described,” says woodturner Steven Kennard, “The joy and the delight!”
Stone, featuring stone carver Heather Lawson was released last week.  Turns, featuring Steven Kennard will be released on Vimeo on May 5, followed by Mother Earth (May 19), Fibre & Wood (June 2), Lady Bug(June 16), and Rust (June 30).
Directed by Ben Proudfoot of Breakwater Studios International Ltd., Life’s Work is a collaboration between Craft Alliance Atlantic Association and the Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council.  Funding for the project was provided by ACOA Nova Scotia and Film and Creative Industries Nova Scotia who recognized and supported the opportunity to celebrate and promote our vibrant culture, our talented craftspeople, and our beautiful province to a global audience.
“There’s something that turns me on about the fact that, at the end of the day here’s something that I think is very cool that didn’t exist in the morning.  It wasn’t there last week.  It didn’t exist last year.  And here it is,” says sculptor Gordon Kennedy, “If you want to do things, do it.  This isn’t the dress rehearsal.  What matters is life.  Life matters.  Live it.””


Male Pileated Woodpecker

My friend Becky told me that the photo I posted the other day was of the female pileated woodpecker as it lacked a moustache. I knew I had taken photographs of both of the birds at the feeder that day, so I went back and found this of the male. This is not such a good composition with all the distractions of background and orange netting in the feeder, but at least you can clearly see what Becky was talking about with this guy's bright moustache! Thanks for making me take another look, +Becky Humphreys 

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Some 'Up Close and Personal' is too… Up close

It was a wonderful sight! Outdoor free range pigs running around in the snow and foraging in the field. They were as curious as children, not in the least bit shy… as you see. Now you understand the expression 'piggy eyes'. They are pretty small, but the eyelashes are impressive!

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It's Good to Have Help Clearing the Drive

Just posting this for fun, as that's what it looked like this morning, at least for Joni 😀

Surely there's nothing more fun than cleaning the drive with a crazy puppy racing around you.

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So Len Wanted to See How Deep it Was

For Len, who wanted me to take a photograph of myself standing in snow which was above my knees. The snow has a hard layer that I am standing on, which means that it only comes up to my knees and I don't sink any further. There is more snow, I just don't weigh enough to go deeper. I am, however, 100 lbs heavier than Joni who danced around me on the surface as it was firm enough to hold her 15 lbs weight. So here you see how deep it was, at least that layer. I got a couple of near abstracts while she attempted to push me over, to distract me from the photo shoot I was on. 

There you go, +Len Phillips. Positively the last snow post (or any post) today, I promise!

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When Steven is not creating beautiful art

He is kept pretty busy. He was trying to clear this snow this morning so that I could get out to an appointment.

A winter wonderland is not all it's cracked up to be, at times. (It wasn't very cold, by the way, which made the snow heavy and hard to shift. I found it heavy shovelling the small amount I removed.)
+Steven Kennard 
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