Views of a Daylily

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Next time you're in a garden, try a little experiment. Walk all around a flower such as this daylily. Look at it closely from every angle and see how the curve of every petal, each stamen, the pistil are all set just so one folding into another, rising out of the whole. See how the colours subtly blend, from the secret, deep almost hidden centre to the airy light softness that reaches out of the protective cup into the bright sun. How this colour is perfectly complemented by the leaves, the stem and buds. Nothing looks awkward or out of place. Nothing jars or shocks the senses. How much more beautiful can it be?

Then blend all of those views into this image of a daylily.

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  1. Gosh, I love my D800!!! LOLOL Truthfully – I'm sure one has a lot more control over the final image by taking individual frames and blending them in layers in Photoshop. With the in-camera method once the image is recorded you can't change it (other that adjustments in LR or such). Good discussion, ladies. Thanks. +Ellie Kennard +Christina Lihani

  2. The Sony a6000 doesn't seem to come with that option but it looks like something that can be installed via an app from the Sony Play Memories store +Ellie Kennard. Even so, it can't do what you've described.
    What photo were you looking at that showed the exif stripped out? Since I can see it on my last many photos, I'm concerned that you cannot.

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  4. +Ursula Klepper thank you so much for that thoughtful comment, Ursula. And in a way the 'despite' is also 'because of' as it kind of focuses the view in a strange way. At least that's how I see it! (It's not what you see, it's the way that you see it!) Thanks again.

  5. Oh the color is fantastic, I love how all the views you describe are exactly to see here! Wonderful work Ellie! And there is so much details to see despite of all the blurrynes!

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