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02/26 – Macro

The 'macro' theme of this part of our B&W project got me thinking – macro (to me) = tiny or very close. Over the two weeks I took a close up look at lots of things by way of my macro lens and converter – parts of animals, vegetables and … minerals! Curly hairs and outstretched claws on our cats, a finely chopped onion, many other objects came under the ruthless scrutiny of my lens.Because a macro lens is brutal in what it will reveal. Do you know how much it might put you off your food if you saw a tiny hair in the chopped onion? Or can you imagine just how many specs of dust are on the claw of a cat?

My submission today is something that caught my eye yesterday, in our kitchen which is still transformed into a building site during the day. I had to ask what it was as it was obvious that each of these tiny objects would be separated from the strip. They are (for those non builders among us) nails for a nail gun. And I was told that they make them in sizes as long as this but as thin as a needle. The pencil and nail punch are there to give an idea of scale.

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#BWProject26 | Curated by +Tisha Montgomery +Brandon Luk +Lauri Novak +Alison Christensen

HQSP Macro
#hqspmacro +HQSP Macro curated by +Terrie Gray +Stefanie Schächtel +Igor Schevchenko +Ernest Fdez. +Thies Groden

HQSP Monochrome
#hqspmonochrome +HQSP Monochrome curated by +Luis Vivanco S. +Оксана Крысюкова +Nader El Assy +Howard Salmon and +tri rini nuringtyas


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  1. Thanks a lot +Christina Lihani 🙂

    +Karen Cooper – it was a challenge, for sure. I tried the usual suspects but this seemed the best choice in the end. Who would have thought that I should dust them off (air would have been better, maybe?) to get the fluff off? (not the world's greatest housekeeper, me. :D)
    Thanks a lot, Karen. I was highly honoured to be endorsed by Keith as a photographer on LinkedIn. That was high praise indeed, for what that network is worth, I appreciated it.

  2. Great shot – and great choice of subject. I know +Keith Cooper finds it difficult to find a subject small enough that's not a bug – which is the usual choice for macro photography. The detail is great, right down to the little bits of fluff on each top corner :0)

  3. You can, thanks a lot +Ursula Klepper – and you are right about tiny miracles when we look through these lenses. Just think of all the ice crystals and snowflakes we have seen on G+ and how amazing they are.

    Thanks so much +Alison Christensen – that was a lovely comment. I really appreciated it.

    Thank you +Giselle Savoie – mine was not taken with the same risk as yours (and I was not cold either!).

    +Sumit Sen – thanks Sumit.

    +Nimi Rajesh – thank you very much Nimi.

    Thank you +Karthik Talla

    😀 Thanks a lot Bill! +William McLean

    +Heiko Mahr thanks very much Heiko!

  4. Thanks a lot +Tisha Montgomery – I know you've been there yourself!

    LOL +Hugo Burnham – your comment made me laugh aloud! Thanks, SMBAB.

    +Elizabeth Lund and actually as we get along in years it gets better a better to stand back a bit! Thank you, glad you like the picture. 😀

    Thank you +Mari Luukkonen I think it's not so much a girl 'thing', although the women carpenters among us would disagree (see my comment to Linda below). 😀

    For sure, +John Getchel – and in more ways than just what the Macro lens shows. Maybe brad nails. I don't know.

    +Gernot Glaeser – thank you!

    Ha, thanks +Alan Mason – That was very pointed of you! 😀

    The one lady carpenter I know who had no difficulty knowing what it was! Thanks +Linda Jess – in fact you know the whole scene well.

    Thanks a lot +Diana Boyd

  5. Very nice macro Ellie.
    At first glance it reminded me of something from the Mission Impossible franchise. Having read your explanation it's obvious I hadn't nailed it.

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