The Drive Home After the Walk


We had just finished a long cold walk in the snow and were all feeling tired but happy. During the snowy walks through forest and field, Joni spends a lot of her time digging around in the snow while she waits for us to catch up to her, slow as we are on our two legs. She might be playing with her red fire-hose cushion that we throw for her, digging it out of the snow, or searching for scurrying little creatures that she can smell or perhaps hear. When I opened the car door and called her in, she gave me this look. I still had my camera in my hand, took this picture and then another and another thinking that the viewfinder was getting fogged up. Nope! Not just the viewfinder… the lens too. So that's why there is a lovely soft blurry effect around her. I know my friend +Alex Lapidus loves a bit of blur, too…

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  1. +Ellie Kennard I'm in a different time zone causes delay etc. Thanks yep snow shoes hard work. Sure it's seemingly endless snow. But bound to stop-hope it doesn't flip extreme to excessively hot. That's my theory. Why mentioned catching collecting snow for later. (Clean snow). But there'll be run off melt. So all the best you and your "ferocious beasts" in Arctic conditions. 💙

  2. +Ellie Kennard thank you for your aspect. I thought 'what a team' they must be. If you had skiis she could pull you along-but that's a bit too hard work, maybe an Irish wolfhound is more suited… like a Shetland…?only its a Dog in disguise? But enough humour-
    May your days be lessening snow! If there's more be prepared-stay warm-and hell get them to pipe or Truck some of that snow melt to the drought affected parts. There should be huge under ground storage under the grid iron stadia or football ovals. The big ones. Thanks for the chat ciao!

  3. +Sharon Stone thank you!
    Has Cathy ever had border collies? They are a breed with a very high energy level, very demanding. Not for everyone. Fortunately for us we have a big property that she can run loose on when we are not walking her. You are most welcome.

    You do, +Brian sobotta

    So does she +Abril Brether

    Thank you so much +Susanne Stelle

    +Mari Luukkonen thank you, dear Mari.

    +Michael Wilson – all my image information is available on the image info section of the lightbox view of them. Canon 6D.

    +World Observer – she would want to go out in the snow, with or without me, any time. She has never minded the cold. And to be honest with you, I love it myself. As long as I am dressed properly, it is a special and wonderful time.

  4. Always the eyes +Arc Morpheus you are so right. 🙂

    +Cooksterz Littlefield Cookie, happily she didn't shake in the car (and besides, the ice is pretty much stuck to her here). It just melted off her when she got into the kitchen. All over the floor! Thanks a lot.

    Exactly, Alex! +Alex Lapidus

    Thanks very much +John Getchel

    Thank you +Shelly Gunderson

    Oh, so lovely, +Ursula Klepper such a sweet description.

    You know her well, +Linda Jess – she would keep going whatever.

    Merci beaucoup, +Magistral

    She has +Dean Sonneborn – they are great dogs!

    Thank you +Apryl Spencer

    Thanks very much, +Creative Expressions Photography

    Isn't it, +Dale Chou?

    Thank you Sumit +Sumit Sen

  5. What a look?! "Humans only HUMANS wanna go 'walkies' in sub-Zero temperatures?! I'm fit I'm fit!? I tell you,." [ten seconds later] putter, splutter engine coughs-and stops!
    "Walkies-oh… Can't I just stay in here for a while???"
    Sorry?! And it is a great capture! and a beautiful Dog. We had a Kelpie had the most beautiful nature! Sure this ones same. Great with kids.

  6. That wasn't even the soppy one I was going to share. I thought this was a bit more appropriate as we are now buried under so much snow (another 4 inches today, on top of the feet and feet we have had). We can stand so our heads are level with the top of our apple trees on one of the drifts!
    I'm glad you like it, +Loraine Slessor


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