Week 15/26: #BWProject26

Everywhere you look there are curves. It isn't until you actually start to look for the curves in the world around you, that you become aware that even straight things are curved when you look at them indirectly. You can see curves in this image on a phone (small screen) or a tablet, but when you zoom in, you see the curves within the curves. Enjoy your travel through this wonky world.

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Heartwood Restaurant at Night (105/365)

This is our favourite place to eat out – The Heartwood Restaurant in Halifax. It is entirely vegetarian/vegan and features local food, where available and mostly organic. There is an excellent selection of choices on the menu and the staff are friendly and helpful. Meat eaters who have eaten there with us have all enjoyed the meal, as well as the experience. This was taken at night, hand held, through the mirror, to show the life and activity of this busy little place at night.

Catching up when I am so far behind on this project is not easy, but with 4 posts today I am closer than I was yesterday! Have a great evening everyone. 😀

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