Alt Hotel, Halifax Airport

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Week 14/26 : Architecture

The night I had to pick up Steven at the airport, it was absolutely bucketing with rain. It was really late and (of course) the plane was delayed. The delays (3 of them) were due to maintenance issues all down the line, but this meant that I spent a lot of time sitting in the car in the rain and finally in the airport itself. This photograph was taken through the rainy car window and it features the Alt Hotel, which actually is just beside the terminal building. Seen through the streaming glass, the architecture of this hotel took on a completely different look. For that reason I have chosen it to feature for this theme. This submission is made with thanks to +Linda Jess who was with me all night long, as we played with our cameras and tried not to freeze in the cold airport. She didn't even complain when we finally dropped her home around 4:30 the next morning. And of course with thanks to +Steven Kennard without whom this wouldn't have happened. And +Air Canada ditto, but with no thanks.

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+Alex Lapidus – master of blur.


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