Joni Hiding in Full View

Joni hiding in full view - Ellie Kennard 2016
Joni hiding in full view – Ellie Kennard 2016

Border collies know how to hide themselves in short grass, waiting for the unsuspecting potential Frisbee thrower to pass by. They disguise themselves in dandelion heads and you can barely see them. Well, you can almost barely see them.


In honour of +Heidi Anne Morris‘s great event #dogweekend and for the just past #nationaldogday


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Lurking in the Bushes


Joni has her rituals and habits as do we all. She refines and develops hers into more and more complicated routines and uses her communication skills to train us to respond to them and make us a partner in them. This is her latest. If you looked out of our kitchen window you would not see a dog on our property. You would see dog toys – a Frisbee or a ball, strategically placed so you wouldn't be able to miss them if you stepped outside the door. As soon as you were outside, you would hear a slight movement in the bushes. If you crouched down, this is what you would see, lurking in the bushes, almost invisible. Her eyes are fixed on the toy near you, pointedly looking in that direction in case you have missed it. Every nerve of her body is tense as she waits for you to take part in the game. And you have to! How could you bear to disappoint her when she looks like that?

I had to share another photo of Joni as I have just heard that this is #dogweekendonGooglePlus #dogweekend and I knew that she just had to be a part of it. It is the brainchild of +Heidi Anne Morris . A great idea!

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