Joni Hiding in Full View

Joni hiding in full view - Ellie Kennard 2016
Joni hiding in full view – Ellie Kennard 2016

Border collies know how to hide themselves in short grass, waiting for the unsuspecting potential Frisbee thrower to pass by. They disguise themselves in dandelion heads and you can barely see them. Well, you can almost barely see them.


In honour of +Heidi Anne Morris‘s great event #dogweekend and for the just past #nationaldogday


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  1. +Christina Lihani thanks so much! I got an old Russian Helios 44 lens with adapter this week and as Joni is so focused herself she was my first subject in trying it out. I have one of two of those images, with the lovely swirly bokeh they give, just need to galvanise myself to post.

  2. +Nataly Rubeo thanks so much my friend! You have a great week yourself.

    Your reply made me smile too, thank you +Ursula Klepper – I know you understand dogs well… (By the way, new studies have shown that dogs understand the words we say, it's not just the tone of voice. Which of course we knew anyway!!) Hope you are well, my friend.

  3. Thanks so much +Stephen Thackeray!

    Thank you very much +Andi Fritzsch – have a great week!

    Thank you for hosting this great event +Heidi Anne Morris !

    Thanks a lot +Martine Thomas and we are in love with her too!

    Exactly, +Norma Rollo !

    Thank you so much +Blanca Garcia as always! She is pretty special to us.

    +Morten Ross thank you!

    Thanks +Thomas Deckert – 😀

    +Iam weng Ieong 🙂

    +HQSP Animals and +Nicol Eh – thank you very much for the reshare! I'm glad you like Joni!

    She is 2 years and 9 months old +Azard Mohammed – yes, they don't change their looks much after they are about 2 years old, just fill out a bit more.

    Thanks for that lovely comment +Shamik Tobin! She is pretty photogenic, but aren't they all?

    1. Thanks Cathy. Don’t they just? It’s their loving, happy, giving spirit. They just ask us to care for them and be kind and we get all of that back in return.

  4. Well she wanted to make sure you were going to throw the Frisbee. So she didn’t want to hide so as not to be completely seen

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