The Culprit

Pileated Woodpecker
Pileated Woodpecker

For those who saw my black and white posting referring to a superstitious bird (knocking on wood, of course) linked below, I thought I would share a photo of the actual culprit, the pileated woodpecker himself. He was on a huge and very old maple that is one of my favourite trees, behind our house. This bird is doing his best to bring it down single handed beaked.

Watching Like a Hawk


But isn't it supposed to be spring?

This hawk sat in the tree outside our house keeping an eye on our bird feeders, during another snowstorm. Most of the photographs we took were spoiled by having so much snow flying across the bird that it was not even clear what it was. Also, the camouflage of this bird is striking and unless you looked very carefully you couldn't even see it at all. And yes, this was taken in April. So this poor hawk is probably thinner than usual and desperately in need of a good meal although the fluffed up feathers make him look big and fat. Will this winter ever end?

Apparently it will and the clue is the sound of birdsong is filling the air as it always does in the spring. We even had an invasion of robins that managed to find some verges that had been cleared of snow by the plows next to the towering banks of white snow.

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HQSP Birds
#hqspbirds +HQSP Birds curated by +Andy Brown +Dilip Mundkur +Wade Cochran and +Serkan Mutan

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Winter Red Tailed Hawk in Flight


We have an abundance of beautiful birds here, many of them being majestic birds of prey. The most commonly admired is the bald eagle, but we have hawks and owls as well. I just caught this red tailed hawk as it soared overhead when we were on our walk in our back garden. These raptors always make me hold my breath as they seem so proud, elegant and free in the skies over the poor earthbound mortals crawling around on the ground beneath.

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#hqspbirds +HQSP Birds​​​​ curated by +Andy Brown​​​​ +Dilip Mundkur​​​​ +Wade Cochran​​​​ and +Serkan Mutan​​​​
#backyardbirdingmonday +Backyard Birding Monday #BackyardbirdingMonday​​​​ by +Celeste Odono​​​​ +Ricky L Jones​​​​ +Marilou Aballe​​​​
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Male Pileated Woodpecker

My friend Becky told me that the photo I posted the other day was of the female pileated woodpecker as it lacked a moustache. I knew I had taken photographs of both of the birds at the feeder that day, so I went back and found this of the male. This is not such a good composition with all the distractions of background and orange netting in the feeder, but at least you can clearly see what Becky was talking about with this guy's bright moustache! Thanks for making me take another look, +Becky Humphreys 

#backyardbirdingmonday +Backyard Birding Monday #BackyardbirdingMonday  #BackyardbirdingMonday with thanks to +Celeste Odono +Ricky L Jones and +Marilou Aballe