Watching Like a Hawk


But isn't it supposed to be spring?

This hawk sat in the tree outside our house keeping an eye on our bird feeders, during another snowstorm. Most of the photographs we took were spoiled by having so much snow flying across the bird that it was not even clear what it was. Also, the camouflage of this bird is striking and unless you looked very carefully you couldn't even see it at all. And yes, this was taken in April. So this poor hawk is probably thinner than usual and desperately in need of a good meal although the fluffed up feathers make him look big and fat. Will this winter ever end?

Apparently it will and the clue is the sound of birdsong is filling the air as it always does in the spring. We even had an invasion of robins that managed to find some verges that had been cleared of snow by the plows next to the towering banks of white snow.

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  1. +Ellie Kennard
    I understand I do it as well. Love seeing the squirrels on the deck filling themselves, with birds hoping around. Our area are filled with FAT bunnies, the Raptors have an abundance of food, same with the foxes.
    Took in an adorable feral cat; his name is now Simsai and never worries about food again, nor the cold. Thank you for your kind heart

  2. +Ellie Kennard Knowing nature has its starving and abundance times, I still feed the birds, and sometimes if there is a Raptor in need, I will buy some meat and set it out.
    My neighbor told me "that is God's job", I said, and I am helping your God ;D

  3. I keep my fingers cross that it will melt soon but not all at once!! :o) This is really a great image I love the brown tones against the white snow, and all the branches point to the hawk!

  4. +Ellie Kennard It was sad but some reason she came to my door step. We tried to save her. I do suggest finding a raptor center and making a donation. They take these birds in for free, treat them care for them and release them back if they can. They use X-ray and all kids of operating equipment. We got a tour. He said if she healed he would bring her back for release. I was happy to find the Bald Eagle the other day. We have a mating pair near our house. We also have an Osprey close by.

  5. +Alex Lapidus thanks Alex. Actually, no, that's not what spring is supposed to look like, even around here.
    Someone who I was talking to today was saying how this winter has depressed even the most die hard snow lovers. She jokingly said she thinks the whole of Nova Scotia is on suicide watch. But it is getting everyone down. No joke.

  6. We have a set in our yard, a young one landed on my deck last fall. She had broke her wing and we took her to our local rapture center. Sadly she did not make it her infection was too bad.

  7. +Ellie Kennard Oh! I totally agree.. I am one of those people who cannot bear the absence of sun and warmth for beyond a reasonable number of days.. I have been seeing your posts describing the snow forecasts and was remembering my old days when I would start seeds on the windows in February.

    Once I went away from Boston, never wanted to come back even to visit in winter when it's not warm enough!

  8. Oh! The poor thing! (not just the hawk 🙂
    I have gone through this kind of harsh weather, yes, I remember there was snow in April also in the year 2002 in Boston!

    And a beautiful capture, even though it's camouflaged with the tree, it looks 3D and does stand out from the back ground!

  9. Thanks a lot +debi scott and it is. We often see them (along with bald eagles) around the house. But having the camera and being able to get close enough to get a photograph is another thing. I only have a 70-300mm lens, so I have to be fairly close.

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