Spicy Comfort Drink for Winter Warming

This is my new favourite warming drink!

Coconut milk (actually almond milk this time. Coconut is creamier but I hadn’t made any), turmeric, fresh ground black pepper,  powdered ginger and Ceylon cinnamon heated with a steam wand (or on the stove top) with a little splash of maple syrup to sweeten.

The recipe was made up from a delicious drink we had in a cafe in Camden on a cold rainy day in London.

If anyone wants the recipe, just ask in the comments below.

Spicy warming winter pick-me-up
Spicy warming winter pick-me-up

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  1. Good to hear from you Ellie and well yes sounds good but a dash or Rum or a nip of scotch would do it for me …

    another year slowly drawing to a close so we made another woo woo .

    1. And good to hear from you, Len! Drink it as you prefer it, but the pepper might make it a little spicy with the nip?
      Glad you are doing well. Take care. 😀

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