My First Long Exposure – Atlantic Coast, Nova Scotia

On Monday we had a wonderful day out with G+ friends Alex and Linda who were visiting our Province. We took them to some of our favourite places on the Atlantic Coast and finally I was able to do a long exposure photograph. This is something that I've been wanting to do for over a year – since I was studying landscape photography in a mentorship by +Sairam Sundaresan. To get the effect I was after, I needed to go to a place where there are waves and movement of water. +Linda Villers will tell you that our waves are pathetic by the standards of those who live on the Pacific coast (and they're pretty measly in comparison to those on the coast of the North Sea, too, I have to admit). But they are the closest things to moving water that I could find. And so, with the help of +Steven Kennard and +Alex Lapidus (thanks a lot, both of you) I got my tripod and camera set up, filter in place and finally achieved my goal. The cormorants on the rock were most obliging and obviously barely moved during the exposure.

So here is my first long exposure photograph. I hope to get others some day, but I might have to move closer to some 'real' waves to get them!

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  1. I am proud of you Ellie! This is so beautiful, I love the blue tones and I can truly feel the fresh water and smell the air! Very well done! When I am back home I will go to check Stevens images also!

  2. Thanks so much +Stuart Dyckhoff – I'm glad you love it. I was so glad they got to see us, but it wasn't long enough. Still, it was a very special day. 😀 And we got in a concert the night before with them, too. You can see Alex in Steven's image, if you zoom in and look really hard.

    +Sarah Simpson – thanks, Sarah. It was taken at the Adjunct, always a favourite spot of ours. Steven got different view you can check out too. +Steven Kennard showing how crowded the beach was. 😀

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