More Beach Fun – Joni at 8 Months Old

Okay, here is a photograph very similar to one I posted a while ago of Joni playing on the beach, waiting for the ball.  It seems that this is a standard pose. She just loves the water and will go in it whenever we get near it, running in and out, with or without her ball and whether we go in it or not. She will drop the ball into the water and retrieve it, making a game of it.

My friend +Ursula Klepper asked if people swam off the Kingsport beach and the answer to that is yes, they do. It can be a long walk to get to water at low tide, depending on how low it is. And some of the places along the shore are better than others. The water is not particularly cold, certainly not at this time of year, and when it is coming in at high tide then as it washes over the warm sand/mud it is very pleasant.  The other side of the province, the Atlantic ocean side is bitterly cold, so cold that if you wade with bare feet the bones of your feet ache horribly. I would not dream of going swimming in it, having tried the wading bit once. That was enough for me. Steven swam in it and survived, but was rather blue when he got out. And he has lost a lot of weight since then so I am not sure that he would be able to stay in it long now. I'm sure if we took Joni there she would go in anyway. She doesn't mind the cold of winter, so I'm sure a bit of cold water would be no big deal.

Did you ever see such a happy and sandy smile on a dog?

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  1. Raincoat? That's something I know nothing about here in San Francisco. No rain since march. None expected until November. And a paltry winter rainy season ahead.

  2. Oh she is so lovely! … And I can see you both in her eyes :o)
    Thank you for the detailed explanation on how your beach and the water is like. Now I would like to be there and try it! :o)

  3. Thanks +Shelly Gunderson – Steven wanted me to take it because of the perfect triangle of 'drooplehanger'. LOL

    Always +Patrick Smith – after all, that is the middle name of all BCs. As I believe you know (you have one, don't you?)

    It's so great to hear from you +Loraine Slessor – the album here is the 'Definitive Joni Album' . The photographs take you right through from the time we brought her home, up to just about now, with this one. 😀 These are what has been happening (among other things, of course). My blog ( also is live and has most of these posts with a few exclusives.

    You are so welcome, thank you for that, +Annie Gee 

  4. Ellie, I have months of catching up to do and the first thing I see is this! She's so beautiful and happy and how wonderful for her to have a beach on hand!
    Hope you guys are okay, I will be trawling backwards over the weekend to catch up with you. At my age, I find backwards is the best way to go x

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