Milkweed Pod: Monarch Central


5 of 5 for #naturephotochallenge

Every time I look at this picture I think of that line from the Beatles' song "She's leaving home, bye bye'. The tightly packed cluster of milkweed seeds are opening up, ripe and ready to take to the air and disperse on the wind. The milkweed is a plant that is vital for the survival of the Monarch butterfly and so each of these beautiful bits of airy fluff carries a precious burden. The contrast in textures between the seeds and their wings is striking.

This photo was taken last autumn in Ontario after a light snow fall. Snow has taken on a whole different meaning since that time.

I have been challenged by my friend +Tom Crews to participate in a 5-day Nature Challenge. I have been asked to post one nature photo each day for 5 days. I am asked to name a new challenger on each of my 5 days. Today I am challenging my friend​​​​​ +Linda Jess to join me in this. Just post one nature photo a day for 5 days. Tag me in it, copy this text and use the hash tag #naturephotochallenge and nominate someone else on each of the days.

Thanks for nominating me Tom. It's been fun, if I have been a bit slow at finishing. 😀

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  1. Yes I love them, I collected also some similar seeds and keep them in a box to shoot them sometime! I love how you brought all the details out and I love the color against the sparkling white silk threads!


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