Like A Candle in the Wind


Week 8/26: Asymmetrical

We were given this antique brass candlestick many years ago and I love the way the tarnish almost seems to give it texture, in a black and white image.

The candlestick usually sits on the mantelpiece above the wood stove in our living room. With the unusually cold temperatures this year, the fire has had to be kept fairly hot to keep the whole of the house warm. A couple of weeks ago I saw that the candle hadn't been able to take the heat and as happens so many times when looking at things a line of a song (or sometimes it's poetry) went through my head when I looked at it. So the title is the song.

I have to apologise for my absence in the public stream lately. I have been co-mentoring a terrific group of enthusiastic people who have been learning to break free of the bonds of automatic settings on their cameras. The mentorship is part of the +G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers and this program has helped me (and many others) to grow in my photographic skills. Check them out if you are interested in getting involved as a mentor or a mentee, on the learning side.

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#BWProject26 | Curated by +Tisha Montgomery +Brandon Luk +Lauri Novak +Alison Christensen

#hqspmonochrome +HQSP Monochrome curated by +Luis Vivanco S. +Оксана Крысюкова +Nader El Assy +Howard Salmon and +tri rini nuringtyas


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  1. I love this image! For me it looks like the candlestick wears a jelly bag cap, my mother used to knit some for me and my sister as we were children and they had a really long lapped. (I hope the translated gave me the right words, so you can understand what I mean :o))

  2. je comprends qu'il devait faire très chaud chez toi au point que des invités se roulent dans la neige. Maintenant ça fait pareil avec les fleurs, essaye de l'arroser et tu verra bien si elle se redresse!!!!

  3. Beautiful image; and beautiful candle holder too! I had been searching for one like this for ages, to finally lay my hand on the one I needed last summer.

  4. Thanks so much for asking. I am actually learning to use flash more and more these days and this mentorship would have been just perfect right now. Especially with the master of lighting +Eric Raeber who is an inspiration in every way. But sadly I am afraid I might not be able to keep up with the group interactions as life is going to be a little busy in the coming months. I suppose most of our GMAPP members are going to be there right ? +Ellie Kennard

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