Late Afternoon Light, September, Annapolis Valley, NS


There are moments when the light is special in that 'Golden Hour' before sunset or after sunrise and it filters down between the clouds in a darkening, heavy sky. At times you see this light and you can't do anything about it. Perhaps you don't have your camera, or there is just no scenery to feature. Or maybe you are in heavy traffic and can't get out without creating a hazard.

On this day, I was coming home and saw these golden and darkening conditions developing in the distance. I drove past my favourite farm, but the light wasn't going to hit it. I kept driving and watching. As I came down towards Hillaton, I saw the clouds becoming heavier over the North Mountain and the mist settling on the hills beneath, all the time I was driving and watching for the scene that would be the one.

When I saw this, I pulled the car quickly around the corner onto the hard shoulder (light shifts rapidly in this situation, I didn't want to lose it) and, grabbing the camera I jumped out of the car, all the time clicking the shutter at the scene, just in case the light changed and I lost it.

Soon these trees will be turning wonderful colours of red and gold, but now the fields are gold with harvest, surrounded by the deep greens.

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  1. Love it. A person has to have a very fast trigger finger to catch a shot with lighting like that because it's in constant flux. (As if I need to tell you that.) But it produces some of the best stuff.

  2. This is such a wonderful light Ellie! Great work on it with driving until you found the right place! …. And I am so jealous about your opportunities with so much wonderful landscape around! …. No, in fact I am happy for you! :o)


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