Joni and the Invisible Fence – 43/365

Joni is a very fortunate puppy. (In more ways than one, I hear you shout. 😉 ) She lives in a house in the country with a large garden. But she also lives in a house right next to a main road where cars regularly ignore the speed limit signs as they drive by. This would normally make running free in that large garden a little risky, to say the least. Life would be tense for us all, whenever she went out to wander around. However 12 years ago, when the last Joni was a year old, we invested in an invisible fence ( +Invisible Fence® Brand ) and the wire was dug in around the whole perimeter of the property. It worked for that Joni for all of her life as well as for our other little Lhasa Apso, Mel.

This type of containment is sometimes misunderstood to be cruel, but in fact it is a wonderful way to keep a dog safe. Joni has had her first week of training and now never goes beyond the boundaries of her property. She has not been 'shocked' into this behaviour. In her training period, whenever she approached the little blue flags that showed her where the limits were, she heard a tiny buzz sound and felt a little tingle in her neck from that collar you see. She would jump back and you could almost see her mind working and she figured out what this meant. Now she doesn't even feel or hear that, as she has been shown exactly where she can go, as free as a bird puppy. She runs like a lunatic all over the property, wherever she wants to go (with me panting behind her, trying to keep up) and enjoys the full benefit of all that space. She gets her exercise and we can all relax while she does. She is really a very happy little puppy.

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  1. Congratulations! HQSP thinks your work is great and you have been included in the February 

    +HQSPwinners group for this shot! 

    Well done, please check out the other winning shots on +HQSP Winners and look out for our Winners circle released at the end of each month 🙂 

    Regards +Heiko Köster

  2. I have one pic anyway – you can see her on my profile image, Ellie.  (not the headshot, but the profile hovercard)  She's my second bc.  We got her from a rescue centre in Tennessee.  The first one was through a rescue as well.  I guess we're big on recycling. 😛

  3. Oh yes, more than humane, a really great invention when the training is properly done. The last Joni didn't wear her collar at all in the last few (5 or 6 or more) years of her life. Or maybe longer. The lhasa apso would have tested the boundaries to the end. And probably did. +Christina Lihani 

    Thanks +Ursula Klepper 🙂 and her milky back feet too, where she stepped in the milk puddle? I think border collies always have a white tip to their tail. Their ears change until they are adult. Then they set, in whatever way they are going to be. The training took no time really. Now we have to show her how she can't go over even when we are outside her boundary. But no doubt she will already know that too.

    Thanks so much +Thomas Henry 

    Merci beaucoup +Magistral 

    You are so right, +Shelly Gunderson 

    +Steve Kilbride – have you any pictures of yours to share? She is our second, as you probably saw. Joni would have understood the boundaries but might well have thought to leave the property if she saw us across the street. Great idea with the mowing, but of course we don't mow in the woods. We leave areas of our property unmowed and a bit wild, too. And we don't mow too much in the winter, either LOL! We are having so much fun with her… (she has just ripped a tea towel I particularly loved, but then she probably didn't know that…)

  4. My bc learned where our property line was by watching where we mowed.  She self-imposed that line on herself and wouldn't cross it even when her favourite toy (any ball) happened to cross over.  She's pretty smart that way.  

    I can tell you're enjoying yours as much as we are ours. 🙂

  5. Ha! now I can see her milky front feet!! ;o) And look at this little cotton ball on her tail!!! … and the way she looks cracks me up!! I love her eyes ♥ and the way she keeps her ears….
    Thanks for the explanation with the invisible fence, I already wanted to ask how this training is going to work.

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