Joni About to Launch Her Blue Ball – 64/365

Everyone who has been following the progress of our puppy Joni will know that her favourite toy is her blue ball. She prefers to throw the ball to us from the 'blue ball station' which is under my chair. As you can see, she picks it up, holds it above the rail and uses the rail to bounce the ball in the direction of the person she wants to throw it or roll it, or kick it back to her.

In her tiny puppy days, when she was running after her frisbee or the blue ball, for some reason she felt she had to jump over the chair rails on her way through. She can't do that now, sadly for her. One of the disadvantages of growing up.

This is her first object of real border collie intensity. She will lie in her station for ages and watch the ball where it happens to be on the kitchen floor and never take her eyes off it, waiting for it to move.

If I am busy working in the kitchen, at the sink or the counter preparing food, she'll bring the ball and position it between my feet so that, should I have a spare moment in my work, I will be able to instantly kick it in her direction. And yes, that does happen. 🙂 Yesterday she threw the ball at Rupert (our cat) who was sitting on the kitchen floor. When Rupert didn't seem to 'get it', she took the ball over to him, dropped it at his feet and ran back to her station under the chair, waiting for him to kick it back. I did my best by trying to take his paw to hit it back, but I think he needs some more time to get the point of this game.

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  1. +שלמה ארגוב
    Thanks! 🙂
    +Lauren Campbell – you are welcome, there will be more! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Rupert grew up around our previous border collie and they played together really well. These two will be good friends, given a bit of time. Rupert is very tolerant now. I just worry that if I am out of the room, Joni will grab him by the back of the neck, so immobilizing him (which she does), and then do something more severe, not meaning too. So I like to be there. 

    You are so right, +Debbie DeBaeremaeker!

    Thanks a lot +Carol Ayala – pretty cute, you are right. 😀

    +Richard Ball – Joni is working now on that famous task of 'herding cats'. So far not so good, but give her time. LOL

    Thank you so much, +Thomas Henry – aren't they all?

    +Robert SKREINER , +DOG LOVERS Worldwide – thank you so much and for the reshare, I always appreciate your support. And thanks also +Roswitha Böhmer 

    I have given her the big smack on her nose (if you mean a kiss?) thanks so much +Ursula Klepper – though she doesn't stay still for long 😀 Thanks so much. I'm glad you all enjoyed reading the story, say hi to Bernd and your daughter too.

    You are so right, +Edward Kowalski – she has, I hope, the best. She seems happy, anyway. 😀

    How right you are about the fun and the smiling, +Heiko Mahr – you know us well! Thanks so much. I love to share our fun with everyone.

  2. +Jasbir S. Randhawa  – oh yes indeed! Thanks a lot.

    Absolutely +Suhaib Ayaz – she is pretty loveable. 🙂

    +Rekha Rao – reading about it is not half as fun, that's for sure. 😀

    +Liz C 🙂

    We found a backup blue ball +Patrick Smith – so panic can be averted until the second one goes AWOL!

    Thanks so much +Susanne Stelle 

    +Karen Cooper – there was a time when Rupert would have been the one to be rolling the ball around the floor. And he does roll around the floor with Joni. But she gets a bit heavy handed pawed with him, as she is so young, so he's a bit more cautious, being an older man!

    I'm so glad you enjoyed it +Gisela Heeg – you have a lovely Sunday!

    They don't, do they, +Shelly Gunderson ? LOL

  3. Ohh I love Joni she is so clever! I had so much fun reading your description of Joni playing with you and Rupert! And so did Bernd and my doughter! Big smacker on Jonis nose! (ok usually I don't do this with dogs, but she is too cute!!) xo

  4. Thanks for sharing +Ellie Kennard! What a great story.

    It's so fun having puppies around cats. My dog and our female cat grew up with each other, about 3 months a part. They had the best of times and still do…. Although the cat wins much more often. 🙂

  5. Another lovely Joni shot. As always has raised a smile – and a chuckle as I imagine Rupert's disdain at being asked to participate in such a doggy activity :o)

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