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I had it in mind to photograph something else entirely today (no, I won't tell you, I will keep it as a surprise for another day) but it didn't work out. The cute puppy days are naturally limited, so my camera is never far from where Joni is.  #noapologies  (I am deep in paperwork and searching through old documents to fill in lots of forms just now, so my time with the camera is limited.)

Joni is now being trained on the Invisible Fence we have, which means that I no longer have to hold the leash when we are walking/galloping around the garden. She is learning the boundaries very quickly and with a lot of wide open space, she is at last feeling free to explore without a great lump (me) holding her back. And this leaves me also feeling freer, with a hand to hold the camera again, which is a great advantage. However we did have about 10" of snow yesterday and she is finding it a bit frustrating as she sinks in it up to her neck. Back indoors there's lots to keep her busy.

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  1. 🙂 +Jesse Salas 

    It's pretty fun to watch +Shelly Gunderson – she just plows through as best she can, but in the end it's a series of hops in and out of drifts, all the way home.

    +BJ Bolender – yes, a border collie. And very bright. And she was born in the winter, so has known snow since we let her out. What worries me is how she will react to grass!

    +Ed Dombrowski – people said to us that the only way to get over the loss of our old dog, border collie too, was to get another. We weren't going to, but in the end, they were right.

    +Ursula Klepper – to be honest, it almost hurts your heart to look in her eyes when she is looking at you.

    Thanks a lot +Krystina Isabella Brion 

    She is +Howard Lebowitz 

    +Debbie Romero 🙂

    Indeed, we think so +Cheryl Cooper 

    Thanks +Giselle Savoie 

  2. She is just the most adorable dog I have seen in a while.  Not surprising she is learning fast, they are quite intelligent from what I understand.  That would be cute to see her trying to get around in that deep snow.  🙂


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